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25 Top Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for 2023

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Today’s real estate agent must use a variety of ways to nurture their clients and leads as well as keep their pipeline fresh. Fortunately, there are many other fun and effective ways they can use that do not involve cold calls, door knocking or buying leads online. Invest your time into creating meaningful relationships and sharing up-to-date, relevant and helpful content on the state of the real estate market in your area. By doing so, you will be known as “the trusted expert” in your community!  


1. Connect with other agents. Referrals from other agents in other areas or other niches are a great way to get new leads. In this market, there will be agents who will most likely be leaving the industry. Stay in touch with them and offer them a referral fee for any leads they pass onto you.  

2. Professional organizations. Join local business groups such as the chamber of commerce or BNI. There are also specialized networking groups such as for women or those under age 30. Look up niche organizations such as the Real Estate Investor Association as well.

3. Join a board. Many communities are desperate for knowledgeable, committed members to serve on their various boards and committees. Yes, it’s a time commitment but it will help you make valuable connections and become a trusted, to-go resource for anything related to real estate in the community.

4. Host a social gathering. It can be a party for your best clients and leads or it could just be a casual, drop-in event at a coffee shop for those who may be interested. Some agents host parties with a theme such as “First Time Home-Buying Tips.” The key is to hold it in a non-boring space and make it fun. Have snacks, drinks and door prizes!

Online Marketing

5. Have a quality website. Work with a professional who will design a website that is easy for you to make updates on. Don’t just have listings on there. Use it to share information for your clients and leads on anything related to real estate. Create a source where they know they can get up-to-date information and advice they can trust.

6. Establish a strong SEO (search engine optimization) process. A digital marketing specialist can help you with your SEO so potential clients can find your website amongst the hundreds of thousands of other agents.

7. Leverage online reviews. Ask your best clients to write a short review for you that you can post on your website as well as other sites such as Google.

8. Explore different types of social media. You may be on Facebook, but you should also have a presence on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and even TikTok. There are apps that you can use to post content on multiple sites at once. Or have an assistant (or savvy teen!) help you manage your content.

9. Create short, fun and informative videos. Anyone can create a video with a smart phone. Make sure they are short — no more than 30 seconds. Do a mix of video types. For example one could be you talking about an easy home upgrade that you show while another could be you wishing your clients a happy holiday.

10. Share your expertise. Engage with others on social media on posts that are related to real estate and share your industry expertise.  

11. Join online marketing support groups. Networking in person is important but sometimes online groups can be helpful too. Join professional groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and other industry-related organizations.

12. Invest in a real estate CRM (customer service relationship) system. This is a powerful way to keep all of your vital client information handy for when you need it. A great real estate CRM will also create to-do lists and reminders for you so that you can stay on top of when you need to contact your clients and leads.

13. Drone photography. Have photos of your best clients’ home taken with a drone and send them to them. You can also use drone photography for listings as well.

Traditional Marketing

14. Free home evaluations. Offer these to your best clients so they can get a sense of how much their home is worth and how it compares to other homes nearby.

15. Newspapers. Although this industry has struggled there are still thousands of small, community newspapers left. They are a great source to advertise in. With some newspapers, an advertising deal may also offer a chance to have a weekly or monthly column where you share your thoughts on a timely subject.

16. Become a trusted source for reporters. Sign up for Help a Reporter Out. This website is always seeking reputable sources for their articles.

17. Direct mail. This is still an effective way to reach your clients and leads. Offer content that is timely, relevant and easy to read. Stats on homes for sale and sold in the area are always a big hit too!

18. Open houses. Invite your best clients who may be looking for a new home as well as those in a listing’s neighborhood to the first hour of an open house. Make this a fun event by offering snacks and small gifts for those who attend. You might even consider holding a raffle.  

19. Prospect and connect with neighbors around a current listing before, during and after a sale. Let those neighbors know the complete marketing strategy you are using to get your client the very best deal. Encourage them to contact you at any time if they should be interested in selling as well.

20. Phone calls/texts. Connect with your best clients to check-in. Contact your recent home buyers and sellers to see how they are doing and if there is anything you can do for them.

21. Personal notes. Pick up some fun notecards and write a short note to some of your best clients and leads. Use a CRM to help you remember important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and housiversaries. Check social media sites to see if there is another reason to drop a note such as a celebration or promotion.

22. Pop-bys. Stop by your clients’ homes with a small inexpensive, but thoughtful gift.

23. Become an expert in the area you service. Spend some time and deep dive into your community. Know what is happening in local government and civic developments. If you cannot answer a question from a client or lead, know who can so you get the information or you can direct them to that source.

24. Create targeted content for the different parts of your database. Marketing collateral for a first-time homebuyer will be different than for those who want to downsize.

25. Wear your brand. Whenever you appear in public, wear something that represents your brand. It could be a shirt, hat or even a striking piece of jewelry, such as a pin or necklace.

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