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The last few years have seen seismic changes in the real estate market. Negativity and self-doubt have crept into the minds of many agents, as they wonder, “Should I even stay in this business anymore?”

Leaders may also find themselves questioning their own skillset as they strive to overcome their own challenges and keep their team motivated.

Jon Acuff, a sought-after leadership expert and bestselling author, works with companies across the world to sharpen their brand. He helps leaders learn ways to change unhelpful, negative “soundtracks” that impede progress. Acuff’s strong belief in this mindset led him to write the bestselling book, “Soundtracks.” 

Why Mindset Matters 

Overthinking is at the heart of every negative soundtrack, Acuff said.  

“It steals time, creativity and productivity,” he noted. “It’s what gets in the way of what you think you want.”

Acuff challenges leaders to believe that thoughts can be turned around — they can work for you as well as against you.

Acknowledging that truth will set you on the path to “changing a super problem into a superpower,” he added.

“The longer you listen to certain thoughts, the more they become part of you. Great thoughts lead to great actions. And great actions lead to great results.”

Three Action Steps Leaders Can Do

Acuff said great companies do these three things:

Step 1 — Retire broken soundtracks: Delete old thinking such as “That’s not how we do things here,” and “That will never work here.”

Instead, ask questions and allow your team to speak freely without fear of being shot down. Before automatically dismissing an idea, try asking, “I wonder how that could work here?” 

“Curiosity beats criticism,” he added.  

Acuff suggests that leaders address the loudest soundtracks playing in their mind by asking themselves these questions:

  • Is it true?

“One of the greatest mistakes we make is assuming all our thoughts are true.”

  • Is it helpful?

“Does it push you forward or pull you back? Preparedness always leads to action. Overthinking always leads to overthinking.”

  • Is it kind?

On great teams, everyone can ask questions and suggest new ideas.

It’s also important for leaders to be able to admit when they are wrong.  

Step 2 — Replace old soundtracks with new soundtracks:  Acuff stresses that to do this successfully, it’s important to remember to “care about what the people you care about care about.”

“Read less minds and ask more questions,” he advised. “It’s better to meet a need and not invent a need. When you ask someone what they need, they become visible and valuable.”

Step 3 — Repeat steps one and two until they become automatic.

With practice, you’ll soon be able to replace the non-stop negative soundtrack playing in your mind with one that will help you prosper and create a strong, confident team.

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