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4 Simple Steps to Get You Back on Track with Your 2019 Goals

4 Simple Steps to Get You Back on Track with Your 2019 Goals

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This year is flying by — they always do! Hopefully you’ve been using July to take stock of your goals and make a plan to successfully crush the rest of the year. Still, the summer is busy — between running the kids to camp, vacationing with family, hosting barbecues with friends and everything else on your summertime agenda, it can be difficult to squeeze in time to touch base with your goals. 

That’s why I want to share a simple process for evaluating goals that will take you no more than 30 minutes to complete. To finish 2019 stronger than you started, you must R.E.A.D. your goals: review, examine, assess, design. 


Take stock of the goals you set at the beginning of 2019. If you wrote them down, break out the journal or note on your phone and give them a once over. Remind yourself of the motivations behind these goals — what was your why for deciding to double your commission this year? Why is buying a cabin on the lake so meaningful for you and your family? Review and reconnect with the goals you initially set, and write these down in a journal.


Determine if your goals still fit into your current lifestyle. To do this, reflect on your current career or path in life. It is very normal for our lives to change over the course of six months. Perhaps you started 2019 as an agent, but had an opportunity to open your own brokerage. Your goals might expand or change in that situation. Jot down a few notes on how your original goals fall into the path you are on right now.  


Compare your current status to where you were in January. This step allows you to see how far you’ve come, while also reminding yourself of how far you need to go. If your goal was to double your commission, calculate your earnings so far, then plot this figure relative to where you’d like to be by December. Chances are you’ve made quite a bit of progress! That will is incredible motivation as you prepare to tackle the second half of the year. 


Once you’ve gone through these other steps, it’s time to get your hands dirty! Create your plan for the months ahead. Write out the steps you’ll need to take to reach your end goal within the designated time frame. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to start — you can make adjustments as you see fit. However, make sure you stick to this guide and check in with it once or twice a month minimum. 

Take time first thing in the morning, before bed or even while you’re on the beach to give these simple steps a try. I know I find more success when I hand write out my goals and plans — if that’s how you work too, Buffini & Company has a great goal evaluation worksheet that provides space to brainstorm for each step in R.E.A.D. Time to check in and crush your 2019 goals!  

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