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4 Steps to Overcome Uncertainty as a Real Estate Agent | Buffini

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The past few years have been anything but calm for real estate professionals. With the market shifting so rapidly, agents and clients alike are feeling a sense of uncertainty. It was very busy when rates were low, but now businesses can change overnight.

Sellers, locked into low mortgage rates, are putting selling on hold.

This can leave real estate agents feeling overwhelmed and unsure of next steps. They’re questioning if real estate is the profession they still want to be in.

If you are feeling that way too, follow these steps to get back on track:

  1. Step Back

When we feel overwhelmed, it’s easy to let our mind run wild. All too often, thoughts break the norm and go to dark places in uncertain times. We may take drastic, not-clearly-thought-out steps.

Take some time to step back from the situation. It might be one day, or it may only be an hour. The point is to remove yourself from the chaos and allow yourself to do something entirely different than real estate. You may return with a fresh outlook and clarity on what to do next.

  1. Rely on Facts, Not Fiction  

If you listened to the media right now, you might think interest rates are at an all-time high. There are no houses for sale, and no one is selling. It’s important to remember that the media and online sources want eyeballs on their content, not necessarily facts (which may not seem as juicy). It may be helpful to limit your screentime on social media and websites where facts can quickly turn into fiction.

  1. Leverage Technology

There are countless apps, websites and other tools that can help you do your job efficiently. Ask around to see what other professionals use. A great customer relationship management (CRM) system can really change how you do business. It helps organize your database, prioritize your contacts and set up alerts on when to contact them. Being organized helps you be in control of what is happening in your business and your life.

  1. Get Support

Sometimes just having someone to talk to about what is happening will help you feel so much better. Knowing it’s not just you — others are going through a similar situation — can offer comfort.

Look into online peer groups or better yet, groups that meet in person. You’ll get both support and valuable advice.  

An experienced real estate coach can offer a lifeline when you are not feeling your best. At Buffini, the coaches have extensive experience helping clients through every situation imaginable, including the Great Recession of 2008. They offer strategic, practical advice, accountability and support.

Do It N.O.W.!

Buffini & Company’s Do It N.O.W. campaign will help you say no to chaos, own the listings and win market share. You’ll learn the exact steps — and receive full support every step of the way — to create a business that will thrive and be sustainable for the years to come.

So don’t wait — Do It N.O.W.! Call 800-945-3485 x2 and we’ll help you get started!

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