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5 Powerful Techniques to Close More Deals

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When it comes to closing a real estate deal, emotions can run high. As a real estate agent, you need to remain calm and professional in order to lead your client to their desired outcome. They will rely on your knowledge, advice and compassion. If you are calm and confident, they will be too.

The method you use to close a deal depends on your style of serving as well as each client’s unique style of communicating. For example, if you know you thrive on facts and like to get to the point – otherwise known as pragmatic — but your client considers how something is said versus what is said, recognizing and adapting to their style will lead to a more positive outcome. Being able to adapt to different styles is essential especially when so much is at stake.

       1. Consultative Close

The consultative close is a great method for real estate agents to use when trying to close a transaction. Also known as “needs-based” selling,” this is a sales approach where sales representatives act more like advisers than salespeople, according to Terrence Jenkins, Buffini & Company’s Director of Sales.   

“Instead of pushing a specific product, sales reps listen to the potential client’s pain points and needs,” he said. “Once the needs have been assessed, the rep can then recommend various solutions.”  

        2. Clarify Close

Clarify close is another common technique used in the real estate industry. Throughout the process you ask your client questions to assess what they want. By doing so, you will be able to eliminate obstacles along the way and lead them to saying a final “yes.” 

        3. Summary Close

In a summary close, you do just that — summarize the overall process the client has gone through. Review with them the great value and benefits they will get when the transaction is completed. Help them visualize what the end result will be after the sale is closed.

        4. Assumptive Close

An assumptive close requires you to be calm and clear and speak as though everything is in place and the deal is going to get done. That projected confidence may be what your client needs to feel as if they are making the right move to either buy or sell.

        5. Urgency Close

When you are using an urgency close you are conveying to your client that everything they requested during the buy/sell process has been met and that if they act now, the final transaction will bring them the results they want. Remind them that they have done their due diligence and that they can feel comfortable moving forward.

Put Your Clients’ Needs First

No matter what type of close you use, putting the client’s needs first should always be the most important factor. Your client will feel heard and respected. That in turn, will encourage them to refer you to their friends and family for any real estate needs they may have.    

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