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64 Unforgettable Closing Gifts to Wow Your Real Estate Clients

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When a real estate transaction closes, it can be a time of great relief and elation for both the client and agent. As an agent, you have worked hard on behalf of your client who has chosen you to assist them on one of the most important decisions that they will ever undertake. That’s why a closing is a time to not only say “job well done” but also “thank you!”  

While it’s not imperative for agents to give a closing gift, it is a very kind gesture that shows you value the relationship and the trust your client has in you. The best gifts are ones that are thoughtful and convey that you appreciate this person for who they are, not just a client.   

Traditionally agents give buyers closing gifts, but they may also give something to the seller as well. Gifts are commonly valued at 1-5% of the commission check. While a physical gift is wonderful, gift cards are always appreciated too, especially for those clients who are not local. Always include a handwritten note with your gift for that personal touch!  

Here are some unique gift ideas that will bring a smile to your client’s face well after closing day.

Gift Cards

  1. Home cleaning services 
  2. Home improvement store gift cards
  3. Local coffee shop
  4. Local spa
  5. Meal delivery service
  6. Special restaurant

    Specialty Baskets
  7. Baked goodies
  8. Cleaning supplies
  9. Cups, plates and utensils
  10. Kids’ activity basket
  11. Luxury personal care
  12. Pet items

    Personalized Items

  13. Candle
  14. Canvas tote bag
  15. Pet collar tags with the new address 
  16. Clock
  17. Doormat
  18. Galvanized ice bucket 
  19. Garden Flag  
  20. “Just Moved” cards (include some stamps)
  21. Keychains
  22. Luggage tags
  23. Return address stamps or rubber address stamp
  24. Set of monogrammed glasses

    Indoor Items

  25. Bluetooth speaker 
  26. Christmas ornament with the client’s new address
  27. Coffee maker or electric kettle with assortment of coffee and teas
  28. Cordless drill 
  29. Custom latitude and longitude sign 
  30. Cutting boards
  31. Doormats
  32. Fireproof document organizer
  33. Hand-held vacuum cleaner 
  34. Herb starter kit
  35. Home maintenance logbook 
  36. Monogrammed towels or linens
  37. Photo frame with a picture of the new home
  38. Serving platter or bowl 
  39. Set of monogrammed towels 
  40. Smoothie blender
  41. Tool kit
  42. Wireless charging block

    Outdoor Items

  43. Backyard game set
  44. Birdhouse or feeder 
  45. Customized garden stones or pavers with the client’s name or new address
  46. Customized house number plaque
  47. Door wreath
  48. Engraved door knocker
  49. Garden supplies    
  50. Hammock
  51. Mosquito zapper
  52. Outdoor chairs 
  53. Outdoor planter
  54. Pool toys 
  55. Smart video doorbell 
  56. Tree or bush
  57. United States or Canadian flag 
  58. Windchimes
  59. Wireless charging block 


  1. Annual membership to a warehouse store
  2. Membership to a local attraction
  3. New home photo shoot
  4. Subscription box for specialty items
  5. Tickets to a special event

A gift should not be the final contact you have with your client. Stay in touch with them through follow-up calls, notes and Pop-Bys and invite them to your client parties. They will feel that you value your relationship with them and will be encouraged to refer you to their family and friends for their real estate needs!

For more great ideas on how to best serve your clients throughout the whole transaction visit buffiniandcompany.com/resources.

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