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7 Essential Items for Your New Agent To-Do List

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Brand new to the real estate industry? There are a few items you’ll want to cross off your new agent to-do list before you can hit the ground running.

Set Clear Goals

Take some time to write down where you’d like your business to go during your first year on the job. List the number of transactions you’d like to close that year, and break it down into quarters. Typically, completing one to two transactions in your first three months is normal when you have the right real estate training while starting your business.

Build a Database

When building a real estate database, it helps to start with your sphere of influence. These are the people you run into on a day-to-day basis. They may be folks in your church, parents in your kids’ sports groups, fellow business owners, college professors, etc. Write these names down and start to think about who you want to do business with. 

Rank Your Database

 Even if you only have 15 people to start, rank the names in your database based on how likely they are to refer/work with you. Call each name to check in, then at the end of the call, ask if they are already working with an agent. If they are, then they aren’t a good fit for your database. If they do not have an agent, let them know that you’d be honored to serve them, and ask if they’d like to work with you and send referrals your way.

Send a Value-Add Flyer

Give the people in your database something of value on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The real estate marketing piece you send shouldn’t just promote yourself, but rather, demonstrate your competence and character by providing the client with helpful information on the market, financial strategies, home improvement or even life hacks.

Write Five Personal Notes

That breaks down to one a day! Sending personal notes costs very little and yields big results when it comes to building lasting relationships with your database.

Call Three People Daily

It’s critical to stay in touch with your database as a new agent! Cultivate relationships so these new clients know that they can trust you with their business and that of their friends and family. Get on the phone and call at least three people each week to start.

Deliver Three Pop-Bys

A Pop-By is a small client appreciation gift — an unexpected extra that brings a smile to the recipient’s face! Pop by your clients’ homes with these small gifts or leave them on the doorstep. Attach a tag that reminds them you are never too busy for their referrals. Be sure to follow up with a call!

These activities are essential to your success as a new real estate agent! Being a beginner at anything is never easy. Fortunately, you don’t have to go this road alone. Buffini & Company 100 Days to Greatness® is a real estate training program for new agents, designed to leave you with a rock-solid business foundation for building a business. Sign up to take the 100 Days to Greatness real estate training course online today!

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