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How to Effectively Use Technology to Market Your Business

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In our ever-changing real estate industry, it can be tough to figure out which tools you need to use and which ones are just passing trends. It seems like there’s always a new app, software or other tech tool that promises the world, but fails to deliver on that promise, often because it’s too confusing or complicated. Many agents try to adopt all the latest trends and find that it cuts into their productivity—they’re spending all of their time Tweeting, blogging, etc. and not enough time getting face-to-face with their clients.

Don’t get me wrong: There is a place for technology in real estate. Although the Work by Referral system is all about building strong relationships offline with your clients through frequent face-to-face and voice-to-voice contact, technology is a powerful tool that can help you stay top of the mind with your past, current and potential clients.

Establish your brand.
‘Branding’ is a popular buzzword in business these days. If you want to compete, you have to build a brand. Think of your brand as your reputation. With more buyers and sellers going online to search for real estate information, it’s important to make sure potential clients can find you to learn more about what you’re about and what you can do for them. When your clients refer you to their family and friends, you can be sure that they’re typing your name into Google, Bing or another search engine to learn more about you. Having a presence on social media and keeping your website up-to-date and full of valuable information about your market and the local area help you to establish your authority as the expert of your market.

Use video.
I’ve found that a great way to personalize the service you provide is to incorporate video in your marketing. Now, you don’t have to send a video to everyone in your database. Remember, you’re trying to use your time more effectively so you can be more productive. However, you can include a video to introduce your eReports, a monthly email included in Buffini & Company’s Marketing Kit, loaded with helpful information specifically for your clients. Another idea is to email a short video giving a breakdown of what to expect during the buying or selling process to your new buyers or sellers. Whatever you choose to do, using video is a smart way to give a little extra to your best clients.

Take charge of your business.
A good CRM not only allows you to manage your relationships with your clients, it also helps you take charge of your business. It’s no secret that tracking is essential for reaching your goals and leading a successful business. A CRM, like Referral Maker®, will help you prioritize your relationships and your business so you can lead the business of your dreams.

Remember, technology is another tool to help you run your business more effectively. If you want to learn more about using technology in your marketing and business, come see me speak at MarTech Trends™, a new one-day event we’re launching in fourteen cities in the U.S. Hope to see you there!


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