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How to Stand Out From the Competition

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A recent survey from ApartmentList suggests that the coronavirus pandemic could lead more families to make a move this year. Renters, folks in dense urban areas and workers who’ve recently been laid off are most likely to move in the near future, according to the survey. 

So what does this mean for real estate agents? These individuals looking to move are going to need a professional they can trust. They require an agent who prioritizes health and safety while getting the job done right. Now is your time to stand out from the crowd and provide exceptional service so your relationships know why they chose you as their go-to agent. 

In order to demonstrate how you stand out from the competition, you need to commit to the highest level of service. This includes a few strategies: 

  • Keep it clean and safe. In order to make your clients as comfortable as possible on their home buying journey, implement safety protocols that keep everybody healthy. Take extra cleaning precautions during in-person showings and meetings, and meet virtually with clients when you can. Showing that you are committed to their health and safety is a big way to provide stellar service. 
  • Understand your clients’ needs. Listen to your clients’ needs and get them into the best home for their circumstances. Whether they’re looking for a more affordable area or a bigger space, ask questions and dig deep so you know exactly what they are looking for with that next home. You’ll be able to do your job more efficiently this way! 
  • Be a resource. These are still very uncertain times for the economy and markets. As a real estate professional, stay up-to-date with all the latest industry news and updates. Make yourself available to answer all of your clients questions and ease any concerns they might have about the state of the market right now. Your expertise will set you apart from the crowd, especially in today’s market

Show your clients through your service that they are in good hands. For more real estate strategies to help you stand out from the competition and become the go-to agent for all of your relationships, sign up for a free business consultation from Buffini & Company. Between real estate coaching, training and lead generation systems, every agent can learn to own their marketplace. 

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