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Invest in Real Estate Training And Watch Your Career Take Off

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Many people go into real estate with dreams of earning a high income and being their own boss. For others, it might simply to earn extra income or have a flexible schedule. No matter your reason for entering the real estate industry, if you want to meet your real estate goals and take your career to new heights, ongoing training should be a key part of your business plan.

You have already done the hard work to get your license and you want to be the best. A real estate training program that teaches you exactly what to do and when to do it is a great investment in your new career. This additional training should teach you how to be the best in the business and show you how to sustain and grow your business.

A Brief History of Training Programs

The need for training has been around since the beginning of time as man sought to teach others how to do things. In the business world, finding solutions to challenges is a daily ordeal – but something that training can help alleviate. Over the past 135 years, business training has evolved, encompassing print, software programs, computers, in-person courses, eLearning and virtual training. But what is consistent through all that is still the goal that early man had – the desire to teach someone how to do something.

1887: The National Cash Register (NCR) company printed the world’s first sales manual.

1919: Charles R. Allen, a vocational instructor, developed a program that breaks tasks into four steps – preparation, presentation, application and testing. Allen’s methods were outlined in his book, “The Instructor, The Man, and The Job.”

1961: McDonald’s founded Hamburger University, the first corporate university.

Late 1970s: Donald L. Blitzer developed Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations (PLATO), a computer-based teaching system.

Late 1980s: The Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) program was a process invented by the Center for Educational Technology at Florida State University. Designed for the U.S. Army, it has influenced the development of modern eLearning courses.

Computer-based training (CBT) became a popular way to provide individualized instruction for employees using computers.

Late 1990s: Many companies held small, in person classes while others offered courses on CD-ROMS that users could install into their computers and do training on their own time.

2006: Charles Graham and Curtis Bonk published “The Handbook of Blended Learning,” which served as guide on how to “integrate traditional face-to-face learning environments and digital learning.”

2020:  As COVID-19 ran rampant across the world, companies were forced to make a rapid change to virtual learning. As the pandemic eased, companies began to take tentative steps to ease back into in-person training but continued to offer virtual options.

Real Estate Training Benefits Everyone at Every Level

Even if you have been in real estate for a while, you can still benefit from a training program. We all know the industry has changed so much over the past year. Add in a fluctuating financial market, not to mention confusing changes to local and national regulations – it’s enough to put anyone on edge. A great training program will help you stay informed on changing trends and how to adapt to them. One example is the dramatic way that social media has and continues to impact the way homes are marketed.

The new skills you pick up from a new course will translate into more quality leads, and as a result, more closed sales.

Choose A Program That Excites and Inspires You

A real estate training program is a commitment you make, financially and timewise. But like anything else, if you are not continually excited and inspired by it and think of it as a chore, you will find excuses not to do the work. You’ll end up frustrated and angry at yourself and worse, back to square one of trying to grow your business.

Look for a training program that has methods that motivate you to stay on course. Maybe you prefer to watch interactive webinars where you can ask questions. Or perhaps it’s coursework that you can do at your own pace. Make sure the program has a great reputation by checking online review sites and websites such as the Better Business Bureau.

Benefits of a Work By Referral Training Course

Making cold calls, buying lists and sending out mass mailings will cost you a lot of time and effort with little return. A course that teaches how to work by referral will change the way you do business forever. You will learn proven, long-term strategies for creating a pipeline of high-quality leads, so you will never find yourself without a prospective deal.

What Work by Referral Training Can Do for You:

Quality Over Quantity When it Comes to Leads   

A home purchase or sale is one of the biggest financial investment most people will ever make. And choosing who to help us with that is just as important. Real estate agents who Work by Referral serve people they already know. These agents have provided excellent customer service to their clients, before, during and after a transaction. They think of their customers as part of their “business family.”  By being a trusted, confident professional, you give your customers comfort so that they can recommend you to their family and friends, too. 

It’s also so much easier and less stressful for agents and customers alike when a warm and friendly relationship is in place, instead of starting from scratch each time. Your commitment to providing the very best customer service will pay off in a multitude of ways.

Creating an Effective and Productive System

In order to run a successful real estate business, especially in this changing market, you need to be organized and have systems in place. Buffini & Company real estate training programs teach agents a proven business system so that you know exactly what you need to do each day to keep the stream of leads flowing.

How to Create a Business Plan

Many agents fail because they have not taken this important step. It is imperative that you have a business plan in place, along with your short-term and long-term goals.

Part of that is having a solid financial strategy in place.Until you start receiving commission checks, you will be spending money on things like administrative tasks and marketing materials. Those costs can really add up, in time and money. You need to be sure you have a way to take care of your own personal expenses until you start getting commissions. The best real estate training courses take a deep dive into financial management for real estate to help you build reserves and master your money. You’ll learn to create your real estate cash flow so you can be prepared for whatever comes your way.

How to Market Your Business

Traditional marketing (media such as radio, television and newspapers, and direct mail) is one way to reach clients, while online marketing (websites and social media) is another. Your program should discuss how these are different, how they can complement each other and what might be the best use of your allotted budget. Marketing can be complex so as a real estate agent, you may want to outsource your marketing so that you can concentrate on other matters related to your business.

Manage Your Time

It’s not healthy or productive to work 24/7. We all need time to decompress each day. A real estate agent training program should teach time management strategies for business so you can get more done each day. A great real estate training program teaches you how to set priorities, stay focused, and have time for yourself each day.

Ongoing Support.

Although it can often be exhilarating, real estate can be challenging and lonely. Look for a training program that offers you support from the trainers and/or community of others taking the course. Being able to share and brainstorm with others can often lead to new ways of taking on challenges.

The Benefits of Training for Your Team

Just as training can help propel your career to new heights, it can do the same for your team members.

Aligning With Your Values. Everyone will know exactly what is expected from them and what they must do to succeed on your team. Instead of assumptions, there are clear cut methods on what to do and when, check-ins and accountability. 

Shows Your Commitment to Their Growth. It can be hard to stay positive when there is a challenging market. Giving your team additional training shows you support them and are invested in their ongoing success. Training also bolsters the confidence of each individual agent as they become stronger in their skillset, leading to more productivity. 

If you don’t support and offer your agents’ opportunities for growth, they will feel bored and stagnate. They will ultimately move onto another brokerage. Demonstrate your office’s commitment to long-term professional development by offering a customized real estate training plan for every agent.  Be sure to schedule regular check-ins with your agents to make sure they are not overwhelmed or have unanswered questions.

Buffini & Company – 26 Years of Excellence in Training Agents  

We know it’s a big investment to commit money and time to a training program, especially when you are just starting out.  But we also know – as do the thousands of agents we have trained in the past 26 years – that learning how to work by referral is so worth it. No matter where you are in your career, Buffini & Company has a program for you! Start today and get ready to start living your best life now!

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