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Managing the Toughest Person You’ll Ever Deal With: YOU

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In life, we are pulled in so many directions. If we don’t manage ourselves, we will drift through our years and accomplish nothing…or… worse yet, live the life someone else thinks we should live.

Managing yourself personally is hard enough, but as a real estate pro, you must also manage yourself professionally. The real estate business is unique. In this business, it’s like you sort of have a boss, but sort of don’t. It’s like you sort of have a job, but sort of don’t. It’s like you sort of have a paycheck, but sort of don’t. I know, it’s strange and complicated!

In this very unstructured real estate setting, it’s common for people to drift through the day, the week, the year. To be productive, you must be able to manage yourself, specifically your time and energy.

The three mind shifts below are vital to managing yourself and will also result in a boost for your business.


Life is busy. We can all agree on that. But, if you’re “busy” all the time, you’re probably not managing yourself and your commitments very well. Most real estate pros are overcommitted, trying to manage too much unimportant stuff and missing those crucial tasks that will make them more productive.

To start, clear out room to work by eliminating mental obstacles that get in the way of your success. Clear out excuses; clear out the negative self-talk; clear out negative people; clear out worry; clear out drama; clear out procrastination; clear out indecision; clear out self-consciousness. You cannot hang around negative influences and expect to be a positive, productive person. Clear out all that mental clutter!

Secondly, recapture some valuable time to do what is important by clearing out meaningless activities. Clear out all those “occupational hobbies” that fill your day and waste your time. Clear out the negative, unproductive conversations with associates. Clear out the internet surfing “click-bait-news-articles.” Clear out the meaningless entertainment of Facebook videos. Clear it all out and learn to say “No!”—and do it without explaining yourself. When you say, “No,” to these occupational hobbies, you are really saying, “Yes,” to generating leads and productivity. Try it—it’s liberating!


Life is now! Don’t wait ’til tomorrow. Don’t allow fear, doubt and indecision to strap you down and rob you of your potential. Take a calculated risk. Go for it. Be bold!

How do you need to be bold in your business? Do you need to ask for more referrals? How about using the Mayor Campaign to add to your database (even if it’s not perfect)? Maybe you can be bold by saying “bye-bye” to an energy-draining buyer. It might be as simple as hiring an assistant or getting a coach. Where can you be bold in your business to stimulate your production?

Don’t live in that prison of fear. Face your fear, be bold and take that risk. You will never regret it!


In the real estate business, sometimes it’s hard to see real progress. Many agents feel the need to stay “busy” to feel like they’re working. We have already talked about these occupational hobbies…Are you checking your email, listening to voicemails, checking on files, posting on social media? These tasks are necessary at some point, but they don’t propel your business forward. Lead-generation activities must be the focus of your workday. If you have not engaged in lead-generating activities today, you have not worked.

Sometimes it is hard to measure our progress when working on lead generation. A call today doesn’t mean a listing appointment tomorrow. How can we get feedback to make sure we are on task? Simple: Referral Maker CRM is a great feedback mechanism to keep you on track when it comes to performing those crucial tasks in your business. All the charts, graphs and numbers will provide the exact feedback you need. Referral Maker CRM will keep you accountable for those activities that are most important.

The toughest person you’ll ever manage is you, so take a minute and think about which one of these three mind shifts, once embraced, would help you manage yourself more effectively and give your business a boost. Need to clear out room? Need to be bold? Would consistent feedback keep you on track? Make progress in any of these three areas and you’ll undoubtedly see an increase in your productivity.


This article was taken from the latest issue of the Buffini & Company Magazine. Read the full issue today!

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