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What’s the Secret to Productivity? Time Management

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Are you truly productive or just busy? Do you rush around frantically trying to get everything done, but at the end of the day you look at the list and you’ve only checked off a few things? If that sounds like you, your busyness may be getting in the way of your productivity. Many agents fall into the trap of getting so wrapped up in the small asks that they never get around to the tasks and activities that drive and grow their businesses. Fortunately, there’s hope. With better time management, you can cut through the busyness and boost your productivity.

4 Tips for Better Time Management

How you spend your time often means the difference between maximizing your performance and never feeling as if you’re getting everything done.

  1. See how you’re spending your time. For a day, write down the tasks you perform during the day and what you accomplish every 30 minutes. This will help you see where you’re spending most of your time and look for ways to restructure your day.
  1. Manage your priorities. One of the biggest sources of stress at work is competing priorities. When it seems like every task demands all of your attention, it’s tough to figure out where to focus first. However, when looking over your list, what is the most important thing you need to focus on today or this week? Don’t forget to make rest and recovery a priority in your day and schedule breaks.
  1. Manage yourself. In order to manage your time, you have to have the discipline to stick to a schedule. Take out your calendar and write in your non-negotiable days off, including holidays, vacations, school events, etc. Use this calendar to help you plan the rest of your day, week and month. Then set aside time to review your schedule and make adjustments. You’ll be amazed by how much free time you’ll have.
  1. Commit to Planning. Although committing to a schedule takes practice, it’ll improve your productivity, give you more free time and reduce your stress.

If you want to get more done each day and have a successful year, it’s essential to manage your time. When you take control of your time, you’ll notice a boost to your productivity. One of the best ways to boost your productivity, and generate more leads is to sign up for the Blitz. We’re about to start the Summertime Surge in June. Click here to learn more.


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