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10 Questions for People I Admire

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Brian Buffini asks Peter Sheahan

Peter Sheahan, founder and CEO of Karrikins Group, started his career 16 years ago running a hotel bar and restaurant. After experiencing a seminar with entrepreneur and author, Jim Rohn, Peter was inspired to motivate young people to tap into their potential to benefit future employers. Over the years, he’s adjusted his focus to help leaders of businesses of all sizes across all industries harness their potential and provide value that benefits their businesses, employees and clients alike. His latest book, Matter: Move Beyond the Competition, Create More Value, and Become the Obvious Choice outlines strategies and examples to give businesses an advantage in the changing market by becoming the obvious choice of their clients.

1. What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership is seeing opportunity where others cannot, catalyzing the organization to take intelligent risks and keeping these systems aligned to move it forward.

2. What does leadership look like to you?

There are a few core things. The first is an optimistic perspective; second, a propensity for action and making smart, intelligent risks for the sake of learning and not necessarily outcomes; third, vulnerability; fourth, the ability to get more out of people than they know to give; and fifth, the ability to find and identify opportunities.

3. What’s your personal mission as you help people and companies improve the way they work?

I want to inspire people to take intelligent risk in pursuit of something better.

4. What is your advice to real estate professionals who want to “matter” more to their clients, business and industry?

It’s about offering expertise and insight. What challenges are you uniquely positioned to solve? Find the opportunity to offer a solution, to take on the complexity of a problem and solve it for the customer. For example, you’re helping your clients search for a home, this may involve removing the friction from the search process. Finally, people want a reason to believe in and buy the story beyond the product or service you’re selling. Sharing your story or mission with your clients will help them buy into your business.

5. How do you leverage your time and energy?

My philosophy is I only do the things I can do and I outsource the rest. I have assistants and staff who take care of things so I can work on things that create the most value.

6. What habits have allowed you to stay positive?

First, I ask positive questions. I believe optimism and pessimism aren’t natural. Second, I work out at five in the morning and I write in a journal from time to time. I also have a ten minute mood reel set to my favorite music that outlines vision and core values.

7. What are the philosophies that drive you and your business?

I’d rather do things that are important and make money than just do things for the sake of making money. Money is important but it’s more important to create value and become the obvious choice of your clients.

8. What does success look like to you?

Success is sucking the marrow out of life and filling my days with things that are meaningful and purposeful. For example, I value independence and freedom and continuously choosing what’s purposeful and meaningful to me. It’s also important that what I do doesn’t negatively impact others.

9. What are some things leaders and real estate pros can do to adapt to changing times?

Get back to the sustainable understanding that it’s more than making money; it’s about creating value. Those brokers and agents who exist only to extract value rather than to create it will find themselves out of a job. A good real estate agent understands how to create value, manages their relationships and uses creativity to take what’s changing and add value.

10. What’s your best advice to a business owner or real estate pro who’s struggling?

Do the hard work rather than just working hard. Spend time prospecting and building relationships with your clients. Do the thing only you can do and be relentless.

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