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Dermot Buffini interviews Julian Treasure

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Many of us struggle with presenting to groups, whether it is just to our own team or to a larger gathering, such an industry event. Just the thought of speaking in front of others may induce anxiety and dread.

Top sound and communication expert, Julian Treasure, helps individuals overcome those fears.

It may seem obvious, but the key is creating engaging, carefully thought-out content.

“An awful lot of people don’t think very carefully about what it is they’re going to say,” he added.

Equally important is understanding that hearing is not the same as listening.

“Every human being’s listening is unique,” he explained. “The innate assumption is everybody listens like I do. They don’t because we listen through a set of filters, which are things like the culture we’re born into, the language we learn to speak, the values, attitudes and beliefs that we gather along the way.”

“And therefore, the really important question to ask yourself before the event and during the event as well is, ‘What’s the listening I’m speaking into?’”

3 Tips to Help You Wow Your Next Audience 

Treasure recommends these three tips to help you become a more dynamic and confident public speaker. 

  1. Practice  — Most people don’t do this enough or skip that step entirely.

“The reason most people are frightened of public speaking is that they don’t do it very often,” he said.  

Just as practice helps you improve driving or riding a bicycle, your confidence in public speaking will grow with experience. Joining organizations like Toastmasters or even practicing with a small group of friends or colleagues can be very helpful.    

  1. Prepare — This differs from practicing. Practicing works on the skill in general while preparing is rehearsing for a specific talk or presentation.

Become very familiar with your content and practice it over and over, he noted, until you “really, really know it.”  

“When you’re in a great state with a talk where you’re not frightened of forgetting things, but you can go on stage and just like a jazz musician [knows] the chord changes,  you can riff, you can have fun, you can engage with the audience, you can have a relationship there,” he added. “That’s the really golden area of giving a great talk.”

  1. Deliver — Even the most experienced public speakers can still get butterflies. Treasure recommends using a visualization hack.

“Imagine you’re attached to a string which is hooked to the top of your head and everything’s dangling from the string. And that automatically makes you vertical and relaxed. Your shoulders go back and down,” he said.

Another simple tip is to remember to smile.

“You get people smiling back at you and you’ve immediately made a connection,” he said. “That’s a positive one with your audience.”  

The Curious CEO

In a recent interview on “The Curious CEO,” hosted by Buffini CEO Dermot Buffini, Treasure shared stories and advice that he has gained throughout his career as a leading sound and communication expert, author and keynote speaker. Treasure has recorded five TED talks that have been watched more than 150 million times, including “How to speak so that people want to listen” which is the sixth-most-viewed TED talk of all time. 

Watch “The Curious CEO” with Julian Treasure now.

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