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5 Tips for Providing White-Glove Service

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Selling or buying a home are considered two of life’s most stressful events. It is a complex process involving many important decisions, not to mention a significant amount of money. As a real estate agent, your clients will look to you for guidance throughout every step of the transaction. In fact, 86% of all buyers and sellers use a real estate agent.

Real estate agents who go above and beyond, providing white-glove service, have the edge over their competition. These agents are educated, compassionate, patient, willing to employ a bit of tough love and keep a healthy sense of humor. The result? Clients who are happier, less stressed and more apt to refer their family and friends to the agent.   

Here are some ways that you, as a professional real estate agent, can offer white-glove service:

  1. A Superior Skillset  

As a real estate white-glove agent, it’s essential that you have exemplary skill at guiding a client through the many intricate steps of a real estate transaction. Real estate paperwork can be confusing and overwhelming to those who are not in the industry. Understanding the jargon and being able to help clients decipher it is important.  

  1. Outstanding Individualized and Personalized Service

When a client is considering selling their home of many years, they want to be treated as an individual, not just a client that gives you a listing. They want a real estate agent that respects their legacy and emotional connection to their home. Be sure to showcase the client’s home in the best light with high-quality staging, photos and videos and marketing via different channels.

It’s critical to use tact when advising the seller on what they might need to change. Provide data and statistics on local market conditions to help back up your opinions.

Keep your client updated on how the process is going and be ready to help resolve any issues that may pop up.

For would-be buyers, ensure that the client is preapproved at the beginning of their search so that time is not wasted. Take the time to really get to know your client in order to be able to provide personalized recommendations.

  1. Time Management Skills

As a real estate agent, you have numerous things on your plate. White-glove service means you know how to manage your time and not waste your clients’ time. You show respect by not giving the appearance that you have somewhere else to be when you are meeting with them. But you also know how to gracefully move a meandering conversation onto a productive one.

  1. Expertise Regarding the Area  

As a real estate agent who provides white-glove service, you are the expert who knows the area inside and out. You can provide answers on local schools, tax rates, prior homes sold, upcoming municipal projects and more. If you don’t have the answer, you can definitely find someone who does!

  1. A Database Full of Trusted Professionals

In addition to a healthy database filled with clients and leads, you, as a white-glove agent, also have a robust database of other professionals. This could include mortgage lenders, developers, landscapers and any other type of professional a buyer or seller might need. Because you are a trusted professional, clients can feel confident that your recommended service providers are as well.

Superior customer service — before, during and after a transaction — will always pay off. Your client will want to use you for any future sales as well as recommend you to their family and friends.

Want to learn more about why leaning into a white-glove model can help you get more referrals, more sales, more income and more time off? We’ve got you! Sign up for a free Business Consultation and we’ll help you grow your business and live your best life.   

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