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5 Tips for a Strong Finish to 2016

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We’re getting into the final stretch of the year, a time when many agents scramble to get back on track and meet the goals they set in January. Regardless of how close you are to achieving your goals for this year, it’s important to finish strong. Having a strong finish puts you in a good position to start the year off right in January. Remember, now is the time to plant the seeds for referrals, if you want to have leads in your pipeline in the new year.

Want to finish the year strong? Follow these five tips:

1: Reconnect with your clients and ask for referrals. Fall is a great time to connect with your clients, whether over the phone or in person. In fact, in person may be the best way to get in touch with your clients. Deliver a seasonal gift, such as a pumpkin or apples, a favorite hot beverage or Halloween candy to your clients. Be sure to attach a clever tag and your business card… and ask for a referral!

2: Review your goals. Many people set goals in January, only to forget about them by March. While it’s important to review your goals throughout the year, reviewing them now will allow you to see how close you are to achieving them. If you’re within reach, congratulations. If you’re not, don’t worry. Focus on what you can do to get back on track and put in the work to make it a reality.

3: Continue to track your activities/numbers. If you’ve been tracking your activities, keep it up! Tracking provides perspective and allows you to see how far you’ve come, as well as how far you have to go. If you haven’t tracked your numbers, start now. While you may not have a snapshot of this year, starting now will help you develop the habit so you can view and understand your progress next year.

4: Get motivated. Zig Ziglar famously said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.” How can you keep your motivation up? Read positive, motivational books and quotes, listen to motivational music and watch inspirational movies. Also, review your goals and think about why you created them.

5: Invest in training. Another way to keep your motivation up is to invest in training. Sign up for MarTech Trends. We’re finishing the year in Northern Virginia, Atlanta and San Francisco. You’ll not only learn tips and strategies for incorporating technology and marketing when working with today’s buyers, you’ll get a healthy dose of motivation while you’re there. Register today to reserve your seats!

Hope to see you at MarTech!


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