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6 Ways a Real Estate Coach Can Transform Your Business

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Every great athlete has a coach supporting them, instilling best practices and stellar habits, leading to tremendous success.

It’s not only athletes who can benefit from coaching though. Real estate agents also achieve amazing results with an experienced coach by their side.

Dave McGhee, vice president of Buffini Coaching Institute, often says, “While nobody needs a coach, everybody’s better with a coach.”

McGhee believes everyone has unlimited potential but oftentimes limited by their capacity. According to McGhee, coaching improves one’s performance by drawing out potential and stretching capacity.

Thousands of Buffini & Company clients have discovered that themselves. A few share their experiences below.

Benefits of a Real Estate Coach

1. Business Strategy/Planning

A great real estate coach is experienced and knowledgeable about the industry as well as past and current trends. Your Buffini coach will review your business plan (or help you create one) as well as your financials, goals, strengths and areas to improve. Working with you, your coach will devise a strategic plan to help you work towards your benchmarks and ultimate goals.

Brian Arakelian said the decision to work with a Buffini coach was the “piece that was missing for me.”

“I didn’t have that kind of direction. I knew that I needed that roadmap, and all of a sudden, I had it,” he added. “And the results are phenomenal.”

Chris Austin noted that he worked with his coach on getting a system in place.   

“As each month, each day, each week comes, we already know what’s going to happen because we’ve already planned it out through a system that’s already been proven over and over again to be successful,” he said.  

2. Help You Set Goals

 Your Buffini coach will help you map out realistic, attainable short-term and long-term goals. They will also make sure your goals excite you and are big enough for you to want to put the hard work in to reach them.

“My coach asked me questions about why I’m doing this and what I’m going to do in the future,” Malinda Ennis said. “That made me really think and gave me action steps, which is what I responded to, to help me to be able to move forward, to put a plan in place that made sense for me.”

3. Provide Accountability

A great coach practices “tough love.” They don’t let you get away with a lackluster attitude, procrastination and avoidance tactics.  They will offer support but also keep you accountable to make sure you are focused and on task.

“My coach did everything I needed. She analyzed me, she analyzed our business, and she gave me a road plan,” said Bruce Wechsler. “She’s taken a very tough stand with me if she thought that I was slacking on things when she knew I could do better, and if things were going on in the marketplace, that might not be advantageous.

Frank DeBernardo said that working with a coach has given him the structure and accountability that he thought he had.

“I realized that I didn’t, until I really had a coach hold me accountable for all the activities that I knew were good to do,” he added. “I just had never thought to systemize them in the way that I’ve been shown how to do with the Buffini system.”

4. Offer Encouragement When Needed

Buffini coaches know you are more than just your business. So when you need a dose of encouragement or just someone to talk things through, your coach is there for you.

“When I would come to my coach just at my wit’s end burnt out or just didn’t know what to do, she would literally just counsel me through it,” Callee Maglothin said of her coach. “We would spend the first half of our session talking about me and my mindset and she’d get me out of this hole and then we’d spend the next half talking about my business.”

5. Ensures You Have Balance in All Areas of Your Life

 A coach helps you find balance so that you have fulfillment and satisfaction in all areas of your life.   

“Professionally, it has helped create a tremendous amount of process in my business so that things are automatically done and personally, it’s freed me up in terms of time and just given me a new perspective of life,” Patti Martin noted.

6. Helps You Utilize ‘The Law of the Harvest’

A coach will teach you how to use “the Law of the Harvest” to grow your business. You’ll learn how to effectively seed, fertilize and cultivate your database, leading to more listings, sales and income. In fact, this system has worked so well for Buffini coached clients that on average their income is $460,389 a year — 10x the national average!  

Buffini & Company – We’ve Got You!

Buffini & Company’s coaches have established systems and resources to help get their clients ready and positioned for a strong second half of 2024 and what is anticipated to be a very busy 2025. To learn more about how a coach can help you take full advantage of the extraordinary year to come, schedule a free Business Consultation.

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