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A Year in Review

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It’s been a very busy year on “It’s a Good Life”, our podcast for real estate agents and entrepreneurs who want to think, feel and do better. From in-depth interviews with leading experts, to powerful business and financial strategies, to transformational life lessons from Brian himself, entrepreneurs around the world tuned in to episodes that were educational, insightful and lots of fun! As the year ends, here’s a look back at some of the show favorites that gave our listeners the mindset, motivation and methodologies for success:  

The Power of Regret – an Interview with Daniel Pink

We all suffer with regret at some point in life. In episode 25, Brian spoke with bestselling author Daniel Pink about this important topic. Daniel set out the four common core regrets that people everywhere experience and advised that, instead of ignoring or ruminating on them like we’re often tempted to do, we need to confront them. The truth is, reflecting on what we regret the most can help us to clarify what we value, as well as help us to make smarter decisions and deepen our sense of meaning and purpose. If you want to truly understand and manage your regrets and then use them as a compass to the good life, make sure you take the time to listen back to this thought-provoking episode.

The Key to Charisma – an Interview with Vanessa Van Edwards

Did you know that you’re constantly sending tiny signals to people in every social interaction you have? Or that research has shown that 76% of our impression of someone is made in the first few seconds? In episode 53, bestselling author and speaker Vanessa Van Edwards revealed the secret language of charismatic communication and taught how making simple adjustments to the signals we send can impact and improve our personal and professional relationships and lead to phenomenal success. If you want to be a charismatic communicator and learn how to master the perfect blend of warmth and competence, you need to listen to this fascinating episode!  

How to Beat Burnout

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, it can sometimes feel impossible to say no. Unfortunately, spreading yourself too thin means getting exposed to a high risk of chronic burnout – a serious condition that’s on the increase all over the world. In episodes 35 and 36, Brian frankly shared his own personal experience with burnout and described how it deeply affected him. He also gave some extraordinarily helpful tips on how to avoid, control and overcome it – from taking time off, to working on your emotional intelligence to celebrating your wins. If you’re saying yes to too much, running on empty and getting drained and burned out as a result, these episodes are tailormade for you.

The Invisible Crisis with Nicholas Eberstadt

Doing meaningful work is part of the good life – so why is it that in today’s post-pandemic world millions of Americans are neither working nor looking for work? In episode 89, Brian interviewed acclaimed author and economist Nicholas Eberstadt to examine what happened to the famed American work ethic. Nicholas and Brian discussed why so many people are checked out of the workforce right now, even as businesses everywhere are seeking help. This riveting discussion gave a special insight into why our work is so much more than the job we do – it’s a service to others that completes us and forms part of our connection to our world, society and family.

Myths About Anxiety and the Life-Changing Truth – an Interview with Dr. John Delony

Anxiety can be a dark road but, in episode 17, we learned that there’s light on the other side if we can manage it properly. In this interview, mental health expert Dr. John Delony shared how, instead of allowing anxiety to consume us, we must learn to stop and listen, calm the alarm and move forward into healing and hope. From eating right and exercising, to getting your thoughts down on paper in order to challenge the narrative, to practicing at being less anxious, there are many ways to improve your well-being. If you or someone you know suffers with anxiety, then this powerful episode will give you the practical steps you need to start getting your life back, as well as long-term strategies for healing.

The Coming Recession and How to Recession-Proof Your Business    

With the winds of economic change blowing around the globe, Brian did some extra-special episodes on how entrepreneurs can win, no matter what challenges and bumps in the road they meet. Episode 43 was all about making good decisions ahead of time – committing to certain actions now so that you can grow and prosper your business, improve your finances and engineer your own personal soft landing. Then, in episode 44, Brian revealed how a recession can present some great opportunities and explained how a business can stand out by providing exceptional service and going above and beyond for its customers. If you want to get prepared for what lies ahead, these episodes should be listened to multiple times.

From personal growth to financial advice to expert opinion and analysis on the most pressing issues of the day, “It’s a Good Life” equips you with everything you need to succeed at the highest levels. Now is the perfect time to go back and listen to your favorite episodes of 2022 – and commit to make tuning in regularly one of your top resolutions for 2023!

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