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Assess Your Agents’ Skill Sets in a Professional Way

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Brokers, owners and managers, this question is for you!

Do you remember your early days as a real estate professional? A brand new licensee, you were probably as nervous as you were excited to enter into a business full of possibilities.

Still, as you learned, real estate experience doesn’t come overnight! It takes plenty of hard work, skill-building and real estate training to find your footing in the industry, and there is always room to keep growing. As a broker, owner or manager, you now have the opportunity to guide agents toward success, whether they’re experienced professionals or just starting out!

Help get your agents the real estate training they need to find success and skyrocket to the next level of their career. Here are some real estate training skills agents should master at each step in their journey toward mastery.

New Licensee

Fresh in the industry, just starting out.

  • Set business and income goals.
  • Establish a thriving real estate database.
  • Implement a real estate lead generation system.
  • Understand the basics of money management.

A Producer

A few years in the business, earning decent income. 

  • Streamline real estate lead generation.
  • Implement an effective time management system.
  • Master negotiation tactics.
  • Understand the needs of today’s buyers and sellers.

A Professional

Established in the business, consistent clients and market presence.

  • Audit business systems to update and improve.
  • Make their personal brand a household name.
  • Run a successful buyer and seller presentation every time. 
  • Handle all client objections smoothly.

A Real Estate Leader

Significant industry experience with a real estate team.

  • Lead a successful real estate team.
  • Plan for retirement.
  • Create your professional legacy.  
  • Become a person of significance.

Set up one-on-one meetings with agents on your team to assess which level they are at in their career. Once you have an idea of where they are, you’ll be able to prescribe the proper real estate agent training program to help them grow.

If you’re looking for real estate training opportunities for your office, get Buffini Certified! This certification allows you to lead several Buffini & Company real estate training courses in your office that cater to agents of all career levels. Get Buffini Certified today to lead these exceptional training sessions with your team!

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