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Be You, But Better: How REALStrengths® Assessment Will Help You ‘Live The Good Life’

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Today’s world is saturated with media. It can be a challenge to be your authentic self. In fact, it can be confusing to know who you truly are and what you stand for when you have competing personalities on social media profiles and in real life. If you’re having a tough time identifying your natural strengths, becoming self-aware or sharing your best self with the world, online personality assessments can work well as a starting point. 

 Many online personality tests only focus on your own traits. What makes Buffini & Company ‘s REALStrengths(R) Assessment different is that you will also gain important insights on how those traits affect the way you present yourself in your interactions with others. The assessment will also tell you about the strengths that that are your opposites so that you can be aware of those, too. Having this knowledge can help minimize miscommunication and conflict, allowing for deeper relationships. These insights are invaluable, especially for those in a field like real estate where there is so much in-person communication that sometimes can be fraught with emotion.

If you’re ready to explore aspects of who you are or get some guidance on how to do your best work, follow these steps. 

  1.  Take the Assessment  

Buffini & Company ‘s REALStrengths Assessment is a free, online tool that was inspired by the methods the company created nearly 25 years ago to coach entrepreneurs toward “living the good life.”  The assessment uses a series of questions to identify your three core strengths of selling, communication and serving.

  •  Review Your Results

After you take the test, which only takes about 10 minutes, you will get an email with your results. You will learn about:

  • The strengths you are compelled to use
  • The style of your strengths
  • Your natural perspectives
  • What encourages you

 This information will help you identify ways you can master what Buffini & Company notes as four key outcomes: generating more referrals, closing more deals, making more money and taking more time off. Take some time to really review your results. Some things might seem surprising but then when you really think about it, it might just cause you to have an “aha” moment! 

  •  Use Your Results to Become the Best You 

Personality tests are just one way to learn more about what makes you unique. What you do next with those results is the real gamechanger. Too many times we take online tests, look at the results and then forget about them. But this is a mistake because this is valuable information that can really impact your life! Make it a point to go back and review your results every so often. You might even want to print out a recap that you can post in your office or save to your phone.

Encourage your business colleagues and family members to take the REALStrengths Assessment too. It can be an especially helpful tool for young people who are just starting out in their careers.

Knowing what your particular strengths are (as well as those that might need a bit of work) will position you for more success, personally and professionally. In today’s ever-changing world, knowing the traits and communication styles that make you who you truly are will help you have more positive interactions and less stress. Take the REALStrengths Assessment now and start living your best life today!   

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