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Bouncing Back From a Goal You Didn’t Achieve: 6 Questions to Reflect and Review

Bouncing Back from a Goal You Didn’t Achieve: 6 Questions to Reflect and Review

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We’ve all been there — you set a goal and get all fired up to go after it … but after a few months, the sparks fade and the goal is left unachieved. It happens to all of us! Where you will go from there depends on if you choose to maintain a positive mindset. Instead of viewing this as a failure, view it as an opportunity to learn and take action.

In this situation, I use a self-evaluation strategy called the Learning Loop. It comprises six questions you can ask yourself when evaluating goals you fell short on or the ones you simply didn’t get to in the time period you originally set. The idea is to review the goals themselves, examine the actions you took to achieve them and then brainstorm what you can adjust.

If you set some goals that have yet to become a reality, ask yourself the following questions, and keep your answers accessible for reference.

  1. Was the goal specific?This is where you build rapport with your potential client. Before you take the listing appointment, schedule a phone call or brief meeting over coffee to go over a few logistics and motivations. Why are they moving? When do they want to move by? Assess what they think the home is worth — if they toss it back to you, let them know that you will get them that information, but you’d like their frame of reference first. You’ll connect with the seller, becoming better equipped to provide great service when you get the listing.
  2. Was the goal realistic? Your goal must be attainable for your current situation. Most young track runners aren’t going to make it to the Olympics right anyway — they work their way up to them by training for smaller competitions first. If your initial goal seems a bit lofty, consider breaking it down into smaller attainable goals.
  3. Did I devote the right resources toward meeting my goal? Ask yourself if there was more you could’ve done to achieve the goal. Life happens, making it all too easy to let our own ambitions fall by the wayside as we serve others. Make sure you still chunk off time and resources toward your own pursuit, and commit to the process!
  4. Did I have accountability?Maybe you find a workout buddy on your fitness journey who gets you off the couch and onto the treadmill with you. Or perhaps you tap into motivational podcasts, or check out inspirational quotes to keep your spirits up while you move toward success. Accountability provides an outside force that is essential to keeping us on track with the goal.
  5. What worked?It is important to acknowledge what went well as you worked toward this goal initially. Write down the strategies, habits and tactics that kept you on track, and celebrate those small victories that brought you one step closer to achievement!
  6. What adjustments will I make next time? Take into account all of your other responses, then decide what you will change as you pursue this goal and others in the future. This is where the real growth happens, so make sure you implement these changes regardless of how small or big they are.

As a real estate professionals, it is especially easy to get thrown off course on our way to achieving the next major milestone in our life and career. Fortunately, you do not have to go it alone. Buffini & Company real estate solutions keep you on the right track, so you won’t need to bounce back from anything in your business!

Joe Niego

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