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Embrace Your Happiness

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One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that happiness is somehow for other people. How many times have you been envious of something or thought that it was unattainable for yourself? Truth is, every time we’re envious of another person’s success and happiness, we give ourselves an excuse that prevents us from fulfilling our own potential.

If you’ve been a client of Buffini & Company for a while or have been to an event like our Success Tour, you’ve likely heard me tell the story about when I got into a horrible motorcycle accident and was stuck with several hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. As a new immigrant to the country, I had the odds stacked against me. And when I entered into the real estate industry, I focused on paying off my debts. One time at an event, this well-dressed man walked up to me to share how he envied the struggles I had to overcome to become successful. He then informed me the reason he hadn’t been successful was because he hadn’t had to endure the struggles and challenges I had.

I wasn’t quite sure what to say to that, but I do know this; you don’t need to face incredible medical debt to find success and achieve happiness. Your story is unique to you, just as your happiness is. What have you faced in life that has brought you to where you are today? Embrace your story and you’ll embrace your happiness…

Oprah said, “There is a difference between thinking you deserve to be happy and knowing you are worthy to be happy.” When your embrace your happiness, it’s infectious and impacts those around you. When you commit to your happiness, it becomes part of your heart and mind—it becomes who you are.

What’s your story? How will you use your experiences to commit to happiness? Use the spirit of the season to reflect on your journey and commit to happiness in 2016.

It’s a good life!


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