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Ep #300: The Immersion Method

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When it comes to growth and learning, the best way to really conquer something is to immerse yourself in it. The ‘immersion method’ is most commonly known as an effective way to learn a new language, but it can be applied with phenomenal success to any area of life. Here’s how you can use this powerful technique to live the good life, today:

Don’t Just Test the Waters!

When you’re trying to change or master a new skill, you can’t just dip your toe in – you need to commit. If you don’t go all in, you’ll be plagued by doubt, you won’t trust your own judgment and you’ll tend to quit. As Jim Rohn once said, “Indecision is the greatest thief of opportunity.” So, if you want to master something, make the decision to really commit. Don’t go in to something to test the waters, go in to make waves!

Will You Sink or Swim?

When you really commit and you go all in, your decisions become easy. You have clarity about what you want to achieve and why. This clarity of vision gives you real focus and helps you find momentum – the most powerful force in making a change. As I always say, life’s hard by the yard, but it’s a cinch by the inch. So, even if you experience challenge or failure, don’t give up and sink to the bottom of the pool – just keep swimming! You could be far closer to success than you realize.  

Take a Deep Dive 

To become a master at anything, you need to take a deep dive. First, ask yourself – is what you’re reading, watching and listening to helping or hindering you? If you want to grow, you need to expose yourself to educational and inspirational content, like “It’s a Good Life.” Next, you must surround yourself with likeminded people, whose mindset and goals align with yours. Remember – you become who you spend most time with, so make sure to hang with the eagles, not the chickens! Last, you must commit to constant and never-ending improvement. You can’t just maintain the status quo if you want to succeed – you have to commit to your goals and be accountable for your actions. There’s no need to go it alone – get yourself a good coach and some expert training. The best athletes in the world all have a coach in their corner, and you should too! Buffini & Company has a coaching and training solution for every career level, so why not schedule a free business consultation today!    

To learn more about how the immersion method can help you achieve incredible success and live the good life, listen to the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life.”

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