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Get Inspired to Reach Your Goals in the New Year

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As we head into 2017, many of us are reflecting on the achievements and challenges of the past year and thinking about what we want to accomplish in the coming year. Setting goals is essential for success, which is why it’s a vital part of the Work by Referral system. But, setting goals isn’t enough; you have to visualize your goals, vocalize what you want to achieve and get started. Here’s how:

See it

Everything starts with a vision. Since we tend to think in pictures, start with seeing yourself achieving your goal. Legendary golfer, Jack Nicklaus said, “I see every shot I’m going to take in my mind before I get my body involved in it.” Goals help you clear through the clutter of your mind. What would you like to achieve next year? See it in your mind first, visualize yourself achieving your goals and see the path you need to take to get there.

Say it

When you say your goals out loud, you’re making up your mind to do it. What stops most people is the voice in their heads telling them, “You can’t do that.” Once you set your mind to your goals, change and enhance your internal dialogue so that it encourages and motivates you to succeed rather than constantly tears you down. When your internal dialogue is positive, you are not only affirming what’s possible, you’re hardwiring yourself to achieve.

Seize it

Once you’ve seen (should this be ‘set’?) your goals and said them out loud, it’s time to take action. Many agents will put off getting started until the New Year. However, when you put something off, you’re less likely to do it at all. How many of us have put off doing our daily lead-generation activities by saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow?” If you do it often enough, “tomorrow” becomes “never.”

Many agents are afraid to start because they’re afraid of failure or are concerned with what others think. When you overcome your fear of judgment and perfection, you can focus on improving your mindset, skills and overall business. Michelangelo, one of the greatest Italian artists, said, “Ancora Imparo” or “I am still learning.” Even the most successful people understand there’s still room for improvement. Don’t let fear stand in the way of fulfilling your goals. Basketball great, Tim Duncan has the motto, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest, until your ‘good’ is better and your ‘better’ is best.”

To help you start the year right, we’re bringing back The Blitz, the most successful lead-generation program in the industry. We’ve built this thing from soup to nuts – a ten-week, step-by-step program to help you generate at least one extra transaction each month. I can’t wait to share it with you – it launches January 16 so sign up for the Blitz today!

It’s a Good Life!


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