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Hit a Sales Plateau? Here Are Four Ways to Upgrade Your Real Estate Career

Hit a Sales Plateau? Here Are Four Ways to Upgrade Your Real Estate Career

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It’s a common problem many agents face: your real estate career feels steady yet stagnant. You’ve hit a sales wall and feel stuck in the level of success you’ve achieved so far. You just know there’s another level awaiting you, but you don’t know how to reach it. Fortunately, we’ve pulled together four of the top ways you can break through a sales plateau and attain peak success.

  1. Join a Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Group

Joining a mentoring group is a great way to brainstorm and synergize while gaining career-building advice and ideas. Buffini Groups, for example, allow agents to connect, strategize and synergize with like-minded peers. Led by a Buffini & Company trained Group Leader, Groups meet once a month (either in-person or virtually) to review a previously given assignment, discuss experiences and share tips and tactics, all while keeping each other accountable and motivated.

You can also choose to join a group made up of varying entrepreneurs and not solely real estate agents. While the support and advice given by a group of other real estate professionals is especially relevant and beneficial, a group made up of varying types of entrepreneurs can open the door to outside the box ideas that can really supercharge your career. Also known as mastermind groups, you can find one to join through social media, Meetup or by doing a Google search for “mastermind groups near me”.

2. Never Stop Learning

The most successful real estate agents recognize the importance of continued growth and learning. That’s why ongoing real estate training is key to overcoming a sales plateau. Oftentimes, when your professional approach has become overly familiar, it’s a sign to explore new ideas. Training can teach you new skills and tactics while reinforcing fundamentals that you may be neglecting.

For experienced agents, The Pathway to Mastery®—Advanced is the perfect real estate training option. It offers a deep dive into objection handling, pricing presentations and the entire buying and selling process. If you have just a few years’ experience, The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials offers foundational strategies to help you improve, from enhanced lead generation to building a business plan. Whichever training solution you decide on, investing in the right one will help you power through your plateaus and boost your profits.

3. Get a Real Estate Coach

A real estate coach can have a tremendous positive impact on your business. With a coach by your side, you can push past your sales plateau and take your career to the next level. A quality coach will share the tactics, skills and ideas needed to achieve professional, financial and personal growth. Your coach will provide accountability to keep you focused, so you can build a thriving business that lasts. A good real estate coach will also help you recognize and overcome your blind spots, allowing you to reach your full potential. From assessing your schedule, prioritizing your tasks and helping you come up with fresh marketing ideas, your coach will work with you to accomplish your goals in business and in life.

4. Hold an Open House

In addition to providing sellers with an opportunity to market and receive instant feedback on their home, open houses can be a great benefit to real estate agents. The reason? They serve as a way for agents to meet prospective clients since unrepresented buyers frequently attend open houses – this means potential new business for you!

Holding an open house also gives you a unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of a neighborhood. Open houses often draw in neighbors, which can help you discover relevant facts about the area. This is useful knowledge that you can relay to prospective buyers, both now and in the future.

Sales plateaus can be frustrating. But when you take the right approach, you can push through them and take your real estate career to new heights!

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