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How Goal Setting Can Help You Overcome the Paralysis of ‘How’

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In business and life in general, having goals—big or small—is key. But it’s common to hit roadblocks. Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed by the steps needed to achieve our goals. Or it could be we are not even sure what the necessary steps are. As a result, frustration sets in, and sometimes we end up ditching our goals altogether. In short, we’re paralyzed by the “how.”

Brian Buffini, the legendary chairman and founder of Buffini & Company, notes that impatience may also play a part.   

“When a farmer plants his needs, he needs to have patience — it takes time for things to grow,” he said.

The same is true for real estate agents who want to have a strong, thriving business. For many years, business was booming so much that agents didn’t need to have strong skills, he added. The deals just came to them. Now that the market is still in a holding pattern as buyers, sellers and professionals wait for mortgage rates to drop, many agents are in a holding pattern.  

The solution, Buffini said, is a return to what he calls P.H.W. (pure hard work).

“If you want uncommon success, you gotta make uncommon sacrifices!” he stresses.

What’s Really Holding You Back?

You may know that hard work is key, but there might be something else at play, according to Dave McGhee, the Vice President of Buffini Coaching Institute. Often its a lack ofclarity, a limiting perspective or a faulty process.

What moves you forward, he said, is a clear aspiration, empowered perspective and a strategic process.

Working with a real estate coach may help you dig deeper to discover what the issue really is holding you back. Many times, it is not business-related at all but something else going on in your life holding you back such as imposter syndrome, relationship challenges or an event from your past that still is impacting your confidence.

An experienced real estate coach will ask the right questions needed to lead you to the answers you need. Once the real issue is identified, they can help you create strategic action steps to power through that obstacle. Your coach can also serve as an accountability partner, ensuring that you follow through on those steps.  

The Power of Goal Setting

It can feel overwhelming to create a master goal planning strategy and then try to accomplish those lofty, long-range goals. Buffini recommends instead starting off with a 10-Day plan first. In doing so, you will build up your confidence once you reach those goals. After you have done this, set up a 10-month goal plan.  Be sure to write down your goals and keep them in a place that you reference them often. Studies have shown that writing these down increases the chances of you achieving them.

It’s important to plan for what Buffini calls the five circles of your life — spiritual, family, business, financial and personal.  Devoting yourself to only business will lead to burnout, stress and poor relationships.

Of course, flexibility is important, too. Even though you have set your goals, you can still change things as you go along. Nothing is set in stone. But don’t just abandon your goals because they are hard. Lean into the support of your real estate coach, mentor or another colleague you trust to help ensure you are on the right path.

Above all, persevere and keep that PHW attitude, Buffini said.

“A good life has highlights, but also disappointments,” he noted. “You need to keep going.”

Buffini & Company – We’ve Got You!

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