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How To Love and Be Loved | Part 6: Finding Your Transcendent Cause

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All of us have some kind of transcendent cause – it’s the ground rent we pay for being human! A transcendent cause means making a real difference because you’re invested and involved in the world beyond your own personal goals, wants and ambitions. Here’s how you can discover yours and ultimately leave this earth a better place:    

Get Healthy To the Core

To discover your unique purpose, you must be healthy to the core. You have to enter and heal your own wounds first, before you can offer hope and healing to other people. Examine the path you’ve already traveled. Your past – with all its brokenness, wounds and challenges – is the path that will take you to the future and help you find your transcendent cause. Power is perfected in weakness and purpose is often birthed in pain; it provides substance, meaning and values in life. Once you understand how to relationally connect to people and to have empathy, you can use the wounds of your past to serve and help others.

Learn Your Unique Gifts, Interests and Abilities

The next step to discovering your unique purpose is to list all of your unique gifts, interests and abilities. What is your gift to the world? What are the things that interest you? What do you read about? What do you study? What moves you when you watch the news or when you read a paper? We are all designed and wired to do certain things. Remember, some of these may be things you have experienced through pain in your life.

Find Your Passion

What fills you with passion? What makes you take special notice or gives you some kind of energy and fuel? What creates a fire inside? Pay attention when you sense a tuning fork going off: when you put your shoulder behind those things, you will feel a great sense of purpose.


The spiritual disciplines of silence, solitude and journaling are vitally important to finding your unique purpose. You may have a busy calendar that demands your attention, but you must take the time to write and reflect on your own journey if you want to leave a lasting legacy for those you love. By keeping a journal consistently, you will have an invaluable record of your patterns and your progress through the years.

We all want to look back over our lives and know that we made a difference and that the world is better because we’ve lived, loved and acted on the unique purpose we were put here for. It all boils down to one simple question: how do you want to be remembered? Listen to the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life,” the last in a special series of six with former NFL star Joe Ehrmann, to learn more.  

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