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How to Make Sure Your Real Estate Team Always Has Listings

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We’re in the middle of one of the most unique real estate markets in recent history. Inventory is low and demand is high, fueled by low mortgage rates and a global pandemic that caused many families to upsize or relocate.

This is a lot for agents to deal with — and it’s even more pressure for real estate brokers, owners and managers who want to see their team succeed under these unprecedented circumstances.

To make sure your agents come out of this market on top, it’s vital that they secure listings to keep their businesses moving forward. As their team leader, there are a few steps you can take to make sure the agents in your office always have listings and leads in the pipeline. 

Schedule Individual Check-Ins

Meet with each agent weekly or bi-weekly to see how they’re doing with listings. Encourage them to ask questions about challenges they are facing. Use this time to create a success plan for each agent — identify where they are struggling and pinpoint a few easy action steps to get them back on track for success. These meetings will also provide accountability so that they actually complete those steps!  

Host Weekly Synergy Meetings

Get the team together for weekly synergy sessions (virtual or in-person) where everyone can swap ideas for generating listings. Consider using one of the sessions to host a Q&A with your top producers to share their strategies. This should be a safe space for agents to ask questions about different tactics that their teammates are employing. This inviting approach will allow you to help the team win together!

Provide the Right Training

When the agents on your team have varying experience, their real estate training needs will most likely differ. For example, the rookie agent is still probably mastering the basics of a listing appointment, while the veteran agent is ready to take that appointment to the next level (and potentially leave with another seller referral). Before selecting a program for your office, it’s important to take the different skill levels into account and compare your real estate training options. That way, you can make sure you are choosing the right program for the right people to optimize their time. 

The Pathway to Mastery®—Advanced is the perfect real estate training program for more experienced agents looking to level up in their career, especially in today’s unique market. With a deep dive into listing appointments, working with buyers and sellers and influencer marketing, this real estate training course has everything your team needs to be successful.

To lead The Pathway to Mastery®—Advanced and Buffini & Company’s other industry-leading real estate training programs, get Buffini Certified today!

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