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How to Turn Real Estate Leads Into Sales

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As a real estate agent, you put forth a lot of effort to acquire leads. But if you don’t convert any of them into sales, your efforts will be wasted. Don’t let your real estate leads fall through the cracks! These five tips will help you grow your client base and close more deals.


Following up with your leads is key to converting them into clients. When you get a new lead, always take the time to nurture them by personally reaching out. Make sure you do this as quickly as possible to stay top of mind and ensure they don’t get snapped up by another agent. And make sure to call them – emails just don’t have the same personal touch.

Following up also gives you the opportunity to qualify your leads. When you reach out, ask them if you are their go-to agent for whenever they decide to buy or sell a home and if you are the agent they’d refer if they knew someone that was interested in buying or selling. If you’re that person, great! When you qualify your leads like this, you gain a better understanding of who deserves most of your time and attention – that way you don’t waste your efforts on leads that go nowhere.

Make Your Marketing Memorable

Don’t make the mistake of following up once and then never again. Instead, utilize an effective marketing strategy to maintain consistent contact. The best real estate marketing campaigns are relational and value-based. Give the leads in your database something of value on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Mail or email them useful tips and helpful information, like market updates, home improvement ideas or life hacks. This will build up a great deal of trust and authority.

Another powerful marketing tactic is mailing personal notes to your top leads. In today’s tech-driven world, receiving a handwritten note really stands out. It’s an inexpensive way to make a lasting, positive impression. You can write a note for birthdays, to say thank you, to re-cap a recent conversation or just to say hello.

Position Yourself as an Expert

Agents who provide useful, local information can quickly establish themselves as a knowledgeable resource. It’s not enough to know just property information; you need to know about the community as a whole. Do your research and familiarize yourself with all aspects of the area you’re working in – from housing prices to schools to local restaurants to neighborhood parks to community events. Your leads will notice and appreciate your level of expertise.

Pay Attention

Remember, relationships are a two-way street. While it’s important to provide relevant, valuable information, you also need to take the time to let your leads provide their own information. You’ll be better attuned to their needs and wants if you let them do the talking and respond every now and then with a question. The key is paying attention to what they’re telling you. The best communicators know how to actively listen.

Follow-Up After a Sale

On top of following up with potential clients, you should also be following up with previous clients. This will help guarantee that they recommend their friends and family to you. It also means they’ll turn to you if they decide to sell in the future. This is how you create a steady stream of referrals and clients for life!

Follow up post-sale the same way you would prior to closing a deal – through ongoing phone calls, emails or snail mail. To leave an even bigger lasting impression, give your clients a thoughtful closing gift and check in with them one month after they move into their new home to see how they’re acclimating. Last but not least, send them a congratulatory card on their one-year move-in anniversary.

Generating leads is only half the battle! But when you have a strong strategy and system in place for making the most of the leads that come your way, you can close more sales and enjoy loyal clients who will gladly refer you again and again.

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