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We’re Investing in Tech to Help You Become More Efficient

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Currently, our clients make eight times the national average income of real estate professionals. But that doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels. We’re always trying to find new ways to help them become more efficient in their businesses, improve their relationships and boost their productivity so they can live the good life.

A few years ago we launched Referral Maker® CRM, a CRM built by and for real estate agents, to allow our clients to run their businesses from their smartphones or tablets. Our clients told us the CRMs they were using weren’t designed for them—professionals who worked by referral. We heard from them that they used one piece of software to store their clients’ information, another to track their activities and sometimes a third to send their eReports. They said they wanted a CRM that would help them work by referral more efficiently so they could offer even higher quality service to their clients. We heard their complaints and decided to invest in and develop a CRM of our own; one that allowed them to control their businesses from anywhere—a client lunch, a showing or while out delivering Pop-Bys.

Our investment in technology is a continuous process. Since it moves quickly, we’ve committed to enhancing Referral Maker so that it’s always meeting the needs of our clients. After all, they’ve come to rely on Referral Maker more and more to hit their sales targets and reach their goals. Investing in technology is our commitment to our clients to help them grow their relationships and businesses.

While the team has been working hard to keep our CRM on the cutting edge, I’ve also been working on a project – developing content for my new podcast, It’s a Good Life. It launched March 17th and I’m proud to say it hit #2 on the business podcast top 100. The show explores the mindsets, motivation and methodologies of success and I’ll be joined by special guests from the entertainment, sports and business world. We’ll discover what it takes to operate at your best in all five circles in life. You won’t want to miss it!


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