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Kill ‘em with Kindness: Generate More Referrals in Real Estate

Kill ‘em with Kindness

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In springtime, we typically see lots of homes come on the market…and lots of buyers ready to jump into ownership! In February, the National Association of REALTORS® reported an 11.8% spike in existing home sales, and this number is expected to increase as we move further into the buying season. While this is great news, it’s important to remember that the market is very competitive and crowded. With so many buyers and sellers out there this season, if you want to succeed you’ll have to set yourself apart.

One of the best ways to stand out – and create strong and long-lasting relationships with your customers – is to have good manners. It almost seems too easy, but in today’s self-absorbed society, basic manners have declined so much that those who are courteous and respectful are memorable for all the right reasons. Good manners are not just a sign of great character; they are also a powerful and unique advantage in business. When you’re trying to positively impact and attract clients, good manners help you shine and stand out among your competition.

Here are three steps you can take to improve your manners, develop your character and win big professionally this spring:

Watch Your Words.

The words we say really matter. Be genuine and sincere in your interactions and you will create strong connections and relationships that last. Always remember to say “please” and “thank you.” They really are the magic words but, unfortunately, we hear them all too rarely today. Also, make sure to consistently acknowledge others’ accomplishments, not just correct or criticize them for doing something wrong. Catch people doing something right and then let them know that you appreciate their efforts. A few small words of praise and encouragement can go a very long way.

Monitor Your Actions.

While what we say is important, keep in mind, actions speak louder than words. Always make an effort to smile and make eye contact with people. These simple gestures convey sincerity and create trust. Also, strive to be a good host. Being hospitable is the ultimate form of customer service, sales and presentation. When customers walk into your place of business, for example, greet and treat them as you would if they were visiting your own home. There is real power in hospitality, so make sure to harness it.

Check Your Demeanor.

People are drawn to positivity, so make concerted efforts to radiate good energy. The world is often a negative place, and you can really stand out by being a beacon of light. Smile and create positive energy and it will come back to you tenfold.

Maya Angelou said one of my favorite inspirational quotes, “People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Ask yourself, “How do I make others feel?” Do you go the extra mile and demonstrate respect and care? Do you use good manners and radiate positivity? If you do, your customers will be positively impacted, they will remember you and, even better, they will refer you! It makes good business sense to make others feel good, so kill ‘em with kindness today, and you will reap the rewards tomorrow.

For more on this topic, check out “It’s a Good Life” episode Manners Maketh Money #141 online or wherever you get your podcasts.

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