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Leverage the Fun of the Holiday Season with More Leads

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We kicked off the final Blitz of the year last week to help agents “Finish Strong.” You may wonder why we planned the Blitz for the end of the year; after all, aren’t most agents beginning to wind-down their businesses for the year? While this may be true for some agents, true professionals understand the period from October to December is one of the best times of the year to generate leads. This social time helps us connect with people from the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving until well into the December holidays.

The best part of generating leads at this time of year is you’ll have fun while you’re doing it. Lead generation gets a bad reputation for being a chore agents have to do in order to get business. However, when you work relationally and your database is filled with people you enjoy connecting with, lead generation can be the most enjoyable part of your business.

The focus of Finish Strong is to get face-to-face with clients, whether you’re delivering a Pop-By or you’re talking with them at a client party. We planned the activities of this Blitz to encourage agents to socialize with their clients, ask for leads and have fun all at the same time. Get started with these clever ideas:

Arrange a reverse Pop-By for Thanksgiving

One of our clients started this tradition several years ago and we liked it so much we advise all of our clients to try it: the reverse Pop-By, or “pie-by” as the case may be. Instead of going to your clients to deliver their favorite pie, have them stop by your home during a specific block of time during the week leading up to Thanksgiving to pick up their pie. Many of our clients who’ve adopted this tactic also serve coffee or other warm beverages for their clients to enjoy while they’re there. Call or email Be sure to tape a Pop-By tag on the pie box along with a gentle reminder that you’re never too busy for their referrals.

Deliver seasonally-themed Pop-Bys

This time of year is full of holidays, from Halloween to New Year’s, giving you plenty of opportunities to connect with your clients. Halloween is next week: pick up candy and deliver sweet treats to your favorite clients, particularly those with children. Show up at the homes of your A+ clients with their favorite beverages or a snow survival kit, complete with anti-freeze, an ice scraper or other wintery items. Whatever you give, your clients are sure to appreciate. Just remember to thank them for their business and remind them you’re never too busy for referrals.

Plan a holiday client party

Client parties are a fun and festive way to connect with clients, thank them for their business and ask for referrals. This doesn’t mean you need to end every conversation of the evening with “Oh, by the way…”; however, if you get up to say a few words, remember to remind your clients—you guessed it—you’re never too busy for their referrals. Whether you want to throw a large party or a small dinner for your best clients, the time to start planning is now. Pull together your guest list using Referral Maker® CRM and reserve your venue, caterer and other things now.

Whether you’re on track to reach your goals or you’re catching up to where you need to be, leverage the social aspect of this time of year to generate leads and start 2018 on the right foot. Who says hard work has to be boring? By connecting with clients face-to-face, you can fill your pipeline with leads while you enjoy the spirit of the season. There’s still time to join the Blitz: Click here to Finish Strong.


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