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Reach Success by Giving Away Five Simple Things

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In business and in life, the most successful people all have one thing in common – they are true givers. These folks give with an open hand. They don’t expect anything in return but, because of their generous spirit, they end up reaping the benefits. In short, those who give the most get the most.

Contrary to what some might think, giving doesn’t have to cost you anything. In fact, the things that can be given away for free are often the most meaningful and impactful! You can easily harness the phenomenal power of giving in your life by giving others these five simple things:


Did you ever meet someone and immediately like them without knowing exactly why? It was probably because they had great energy. People with positive energy leave others feeling heard, appreciated and, best of all, happy! You can demonstrate great energy by adopting a positive mindset and then sharing that with everyone around you. Bring good energy and you’ll get good energy in return!

A Smile

A genuine smile can instantly lift someone’s mood and improve their day. It’s a very simple thing to do, but it can be positively contagious. Smiling is proven to create a ripple effect: one smile can generate many more! Become a smiler and, not only will you help to lift up others, you’ll feel better yourself.

A Compliment

We all love to receive a compliment, but it has to be sincere to have lasting impact. Think about how you can pay someone a compliment so that they know it’s not just empty words but actually comes from the heart. By being genuine in your compliments, you will make people feel valued, appreciated and special. As Maya Angelou once said, “People will never forget how you made them feel.”


In this fast-paced and hectic world, time is the greatest gift you can give anyone. Figure out what your day needs to look like and then prioritize accordingly. If family and friends are your top priority, give them quality time and be truly present and undistracted while you’re with them. If work needs attention, strive to really be in the moment and focus on the conversation and task at hand. Whoever you’re with, give them your undivided time and attention – it will pay off many times over.


It can be difficult to have patience when there are so many demands on your time and energy. Nurture patience, however, and you will slow down, be empathetic and be able to extend more grace to people. When you find your patience wearing thin or you’re becoming irritated, try to stand in the other’s person’s shoes. By looking at things from their perspective, you will be able to serve them better, forge stronger bonds and build a long-lasting relationship.

Just like the Law of the Harvest says, you reap what you sow. Give generously and you will receive in abundance. Buffini & Company can help you give your way to greatness. Schedule your free business consultation today to learn more!

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