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Real Estate Training: Build Your Social Media Presence

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If a potential client were to look you up on social media right now, what would they see? More importantly, are those things you’d want them to see?

Whenever a client refers you to a friend or family member, there’s a good chance that the referral is going to look you up online before they even get in touch. If the first thing they see are your Instagram posts from a crazy weekend in Vegas, it’s very likely that person is going to pass and use someone else.

That’s why in real estate training, one of the most valuable lessons you can learn is how to build a professional social media presence. After all, your posts shouldn’t be the reason you lose out on a lead! 

Here are a few tips for building a well-rounded and professional social media persona that reflects your business.

Have a Content Plan

Build a social media content calendar to keep you on track with whatever you post. Be sure to identify the platforms you’d like to prioritize, and post consistently.  

Go Live

Going live on Facebook or Instagram is a great way to engage with your database in real time. Use them to communicate market updates to your social networks, livestream an open house or host a Q&A about an element of your local marketplace.


Post infographics that break down market trends and statistics, relevant articles or tips for buying and selling in the current market.


Sprinkle in motivational posts as well. With all of the negative news and noise out there, an inspirational video or quote will stand out in a crowded timeline and demonstrate your positive mindset.

Showcase Your Character

It’s okay to include posts that feature a family outing, a picture of you and your partner at your favorite vacation spot, or even a video of your dog. The occasional personal post (as long as it’s appropriate) can help your followers connect with you on a more human level.

Avoid Politics and Negativity

Posting anything political will alienate about half of your client base. Keep it clean and avoid referencing anything that might start unnecessary arguments. If you want to talk politics, keep it offline and within your close circles.

Engage With Your Clients

Pay attention to what your clients post, and be sure to like and comment. Social media gives you the opportunity to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in their lives, which can help inspire what you say in your next call or personal note.

Keep in mind that social media is just one part of the Working by Referral System — not all of it! Combine social media with the fundamental activities for real estate lead generation in order to create a healthy business. For more strategies on how to build a successful real estate business, check out 100 Days to Greatness®. This real estate training program for new agents helps establish a strong foundation for a lasting career — sign up today!  

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