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Small Changes Make Big Differences in Your Business

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My mentor, Zig Ziglar, once said, “Hurricanes and earthquakes get all of the publicity, but termites do more damage and they take such little bitty bites!” One tiny change can make all the difference whether you’re trying to adopt new habits, manage your business more effectively or reach your goals.

When you make a small change, it’s creates a ripple effect. You become motivated to make another small change and then another. When I interviewed Zig’s son, Tom for my podcast, we discussed the impact of making small changes. He broke it down for listeners, saying if you make a small change 52 times, or even 12 times, in a year, you’ll have a new life. Big changes are tough to commit to, and when we’re unable to keep it up, we feel as if we’ve failed. On the other hand, small changes are easy to make and when you do them consistently, you’ll get a shot of motivation. Want to make a difference in your business today? Start small.

Review your habits.

Your habits can make or break your business. Now, I’m not saying you have to throw all your old habits out the window and adopt new and better ones. In fact, trying to make big, sweeping changes like that is the best way to fail. Who do you think will lose more weight in the long run—the sugar-loving couch potato who swears off junk food and runs five miles a day or the person who replaces their afternoon soda with an apple? It’s the latter. The couch potato may keep up the momentum for a few days, but often they’ll be reaching for the chocolate cake or putting off their workouts within a few weeks of starting.

The point is, if you want to improve your habits, start small, and once you’ve formed a good habit, replace another bad habit. Those small, incremental steps will eventually help you change your habits for good.

Add wiggle room into your day.

Do you feel like you’re constantly putting out fires? The more successful you get, the more fires there will be to put out. The key is to deal with them on your terms. Build some time into your day to deal with the fires that arise. When you relegate them to a specific time block, they won’t hijack your entire day. Since you know you’ll handle them during a specified time block, you won’t have to divert your attention from the tasks that matter most—generating leads and serving your clients. It seems like such a small thing to set aside wiggle room, but it’s a small step that will have a big impact on your productivity.

Get back on track.

For agents who have fallen behind in meeting their goals, it can feel like a huge task to try to get on track. Don’t give up. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, turn your attention to what you can.

For example, if you’re not as close to the number of closed transactions as you need to be to reach your goal, what can you do to get close? Can you write one more personal note each day or make one or two more calls to clients? Pop-Bys are one of the best ways to get a lead quickly—can you set aside an afternoon during the week to deliver Pop-Bys to your best clients?

The Referral Maker® CRM app makes it easy to sweep a neighborhood with Pop-Bys. If you’re in a particular neighborhood for a listing appointment or lunch with a client, you can see who lives nearby and stop by.

None of these suggestions are monumental tasks. Instead, they’re small tasks that, when done consistently, lay the groundwork that will help you reach your goals.

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