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Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Social media has become the most popular way to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Hopping online and making a post is the quickest way to spread mass information. You never know, your client’s positive experience could turn into an unexpected referral! Continue reading for tips on how to manage your social media accounts.        

Make Your Page a Business Account

Instagram offers the option of categorizing your page as a business account which comes with many helpful features for increasing your online reach. When you convert to a business account your industry appears at the top of your profile, making you more easily searchable and tells viewers what you do. You can also add contact information in the form of a “call-to-action” button. This makes it simple for potential clients to reach you at their convenience.

Another valuable component of a business account is that you can view your post insights. This feature shows how many people see your posts, audience demographics including location, growth (how many followers you have gained or lost) and more. These features allow you to cater your content to what works for your brand!

Market Yourself

In the industry of real estate your clients want to know you, so it is important to make a concerted effort to be your authentic self in person and online. Your followers might get bored with a stream of real estate facts or generic posts regarding upcoming listings. Try to balance your posts by sharing your lifestyle and interests with those real estate facts, figures and listings. Let your personality shine here so those potential clients can really get to know you.

Share Your Advice

Many people look to the internet for advice on just about anything. Real estate is no different. First-time buyers may not have connections to any real estate agents and likely don’t know where to start in the home buying process. You are the expert—help your audience understand the market, share unique facts about your listings, tell them about the best qualities of your local neighborhoods, etc. If anyone has questions on your advice, be available. Leveraging your social media presence allows you to reach a larger audience and in turn, grow your business.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

Not all clients know what the process of selling a home looks like. You have the opportunity to tell the story of how you prepare homes for the sale, and you get to show potential clients the care you put into your listings.

Pick a day of the week and come up with a tagline like “Monday with Monica” or “Selling Sunday” where you take your friends along for a day in the life or give them a teaser of homes on the market. These are two ways to showcase your selling style, personality and types of homes or location you specialize in. You can do this on any platform, but Instagram reels and TikTok utilize an algorithm that shows viewers content they are likely to be interested in. This means that these videos will reach more potential clients or folks who simply enjoy real estate content—either way these are win-win situations for your engagement.

Think of social media as a referral tool. Someone may use you as their buying or selling agent because they came across your page while searching for agents in their area. Someone else may refer you to a friend because you shared helpful insights on neighborhoods in their area. The possibilities are endless, just remember to be yourself and have fun with your content!

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