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The Greatest Gift Your Real Estate Coach Will Give You (Part 2)

The Greatest Gift Your Real Estate Coach Will Give You

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Life is like riding a bicycle – to keep your balance you must keep moving. That’s why I’ve dedicated much of my life to helping people prioritize Five Circles of Life: spiritual, family, business, financial and personal. At Buffini & Company, your real estate coach is there to help you build the business and financial circles, but they’re also there to help you find balance between the professional and the personal.

In part one, we went over the business and financial circles, and why your real estate coach wants to help you thrive in each. Now, I want to walk you through the remaining circles — spiritual, family and personal — and why they are integral to your success.


Spirituality is a big concept which includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. The spiritual circle is often overlooked in favor of the more tangible and pressing areas of life. You might be someone who has never considered this area or it may be something that has been important to you from a young age. In any case, it is an area that has the potential to bring you great rewards.

Ask yourself what you are doing to feed your spirit or practice your faith. To bring balance to this area, try connecting with others who share your faith in a small group setting. Read a book by a theologian or other spiritual mentor, or search for similar videos and blogs online. Commit to setting aside daily time for prayer and/or meditation. You might decide to consistently contribute to or volunteer in honest ministries that make a difference, or you could choose to regularly attend worship services.


Whether family means a spouse, partner, kids, parents or extended family and friends who are like family, these are the most important people in our lives. Family needs to be a positive place where members feel protected/safe and where they give and receive affirmation, affection, and acceptance. To have the best possible relationships with these folks, we need to be intentional about how we interact and make sure we spend dedicated time with them.

It is easy to rush through each day and not give appropriate attention to those we care about most, so it’s important to be intentional and to plan ahead. Set a routine of sharing a meal together each week or every day if possible. Plan vacations and weekend time to really connect by talking and listening to each other. This is a great opportunity to set goals together as a family — Beverly and I have always done that with our kids; it’s a fun and really powerful way to get on the same page and achieve your dreams together, while tapping into that winning team mentality!


This is the final circle in the series. It should go without saying that it’s vital to take care of your health and fitness, both physical and mental. Still, many of us neglect this area of our life, and we believe it’s selfish to prioritize ourselves. This is really counterproductive. If you don’t take care of yourself, then how can you take care of other people? Think of the analogy of a parent and child on an airplane flight. In case of emergency, adults are always instructed to put on their own oxygen masks first before helping those around them. It’s the same in your everyday life. Take care of yourself first, or you won’t be able to help other people as effectively as you would like. This isn’t a selfish attitude; it’s actually the opposite. If you’re healthy and well then you can really give your time and energy to others and help them too.

To read more about the Five Circles and their significance in your life, check out my article in Buffini & Company Magazine, the 2019 2nd Biannual Edition. Your real estate coach, along with all of us at Buffini & Company, want to help you to take charge and find the balance you want — the good life you’ve always dreamed of is there for the taking!

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