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What Hat do you Wear the Most?

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As a real estate agent, you are a multi-dimensional professional. While some may perceive you as someone who “just sells houses,” you know there are many more aspects of what you do for your clients.  

Of course, being a top-notch real estate agent is the main reason your clients contact you. However, you also need to ensure these eight “hats” are incorporated into your business plan as well.  

  1. Skilled Negotiator — The buyer thinks one price is fair, the seller believes another is and professionals such as a mortgage officer, appraiser or municipality may have a different price in mind. It’s up to you to do this delicate dance of negotiating so at the end of the day, both the buyer and the seller are happy with the accomplished deal.   
  2. Market Expert— You are the expert in your area. You know it inside and out — which houses sold, those that haven’t and all the related details. You know the local officials, the taxes, laws and regulations. You understand how the schools are performing. You’re up to date on other businesses in the area, ranging from the big box stores to the best ice cream shop.
  3. Impartial Listener — Buying a house is one of the most emotional experiences. Each client has their own take on purchase or sale. For example, one partner might relish a move while the other is resistant. Kids also impact families’ decisions. Sometimes clients just need someone to vent to or run things through. And as someone who is an integral part of this experience, that is often you.
  4. Master Scheduler — There is so much to do for a purchase or sale. Each task must be done correctly and on time, otherwise it can throw everything off. A real estate agent helps to put together the master schedule and keeps tabs on others, such as mortgage officers and title examiners, to ensure things are going according to plan.
  5. Problem Solver — Anytime you have a multi-dimensional major transaction involving multiple people, there are bound to be problems. Being able to handle them as they crop up, in a calm, efficient, non-emotional way is key.
  6. Connector — Often the client needs another professional, such as a mortgage officer, real estate attorney, handyman, contractor and so much more. Having a strong network of other qualified professionals is important.
  7. Tech-Savvy Administrative Pro — You need to be able to handle the reams of paperwork, including contracts, agreements, and other essential documents. This also includes being up to date on all technology, such as DocuSign, that will help you and your clients keep the process going in an efficient and safe manner.
  8. Cheerleader — You are in a truly unique position — helping your client stay focused and positive even when things are tough. For buyers, it’s cheering them on their journey to achieve generational wealth. For sellers, it’s cheering their past accomplishments and helping them become free to take the next step on their journey. Don’t forget to cheer for yourself too. It’s because of your professionalism, dedication and hard work that your client’s story has a happy ending!

Wearing all these hats requires that you are organized, clear on your goals and mission and know how to effectively prioritize everything on your plate. If you feel overwhelmed or not sure where to start, consider working with an experienced real estate coach who can help you create a concrete business plan as well as offering accountability.

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