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What You Do Now Defines Your Success as a Real Estate Agent

Win the market with our Do It N.O.W. campaign. This turn-key, marketing campaign will help you find and secure listings for the changing 2024 real estate market. Avoid the chaos and serve the listing every time. Outperform the competition and build long-term business.

It’s too easy to get caught up in the media chatter about high mortgage rates, low inventory and what the Federal Reserve will or won’t do next.

That is all out of your control, according to Brian Buffini, the chairman and founder of Buffini & Company, North America’s largest real estate consulting and training company. What is in your control, he stresses, is the work you do now to prepare for what will undoubtedly be better days ahead. In fact, he predicts that the second half of 2024 will pick up steam leading to a very busy 2025.

Seeding Your ‘Garden’

Buffini often talks about the philosophy of tending your business like a garden.

“Fertilizing your garden” is ensuring your business is healthy and strong by going back to the basics that will give you a strong foundation.

“This is a market that demands strong fundamentals,” Buffini said.  “It requires PHW — pure hard work.”

Over the past few years, real estate rode a frenetic wave of transactions, letting fundamentals slide. With those days over, their clients are anxious and uncertain about what is going to happen next. Agents must prepare their clients now so that when rates start their inevitable decline and buyers and sellers flock to the market, the clients will be ready to strike.

“This is the season of preparation. You can’t pull up plants three days after you sowed,” Buffini said. “You have to have faith that the harvest is coming. Success requires faith.”  

You Don’t Need AI — You Need EQ!

It can be hard to resist the “new, shiny thing” when it comes to marketing. And AI (artificial intelligence), with its promises of helping you change how you run your business, can seem irresistible. While AI can help you with the mundane everyday tasks, it’s actually EQ (emotional quotient or intelligence) that you should be focusing on, Buffini said. That’s because at the heart of every transaction is a relationship with a human, not a computer.

“When people go to sell their single largest asset — their home —they want someone they trust,” Buffini said. “They want a process they can trust.”

“For buyers, this is a person’s single largest financial debt and their single largest financial decision. They’re going to live in it and if they make a mistake, they are going to have to live in it for years,” he added.  

When it comes to relationships with your clients, calls and personal notes are important ways to stay in touch, but face to face is always best, Buffini said.

“Bring something to your favorite people,” he said. “Invite them out for coffee or lunch.”

“You won’t know [how they are feeling] until you see them fact to face and hear voice to voice.”

Do It N.O.W.!

Buffini & Company’s Do It N.O.W. campaign will help you say no to chaos, own the listings and win market share. You’ll learn the exact steps — and receive full support every step of the way — to create a business that will thrive and be sustainable for the years to come.

So don’t wait — Do It N.O.W.! Call 800-945-3485 x2 and we’ll help you get started!

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