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3 Business Leaders Share Their Secrets to Success

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What is the secret to success? Although there’s no single “magic bullet” guaranteed to bring us success and unimaginable wealth, there are several steps to take that can put us on the right path. In episode #091 of It’s a Good Life podcast, Dermot Buffini reflects on a year of Takeover Tuesday interviews he’s had with business leaders and focuses on the lessons learned from RE/MAX founder Dave Liniger, financial expert Dave Ramsey, and emotional health expert Mike Foster.

Build on small successes.

According to RE/MAX founder Dave Liniger, the company became the real estate powerhouse it is today by building on small successes and using them as motivation for their larger successes. “Success breeds success,” says Liniger. As a perpetual student of success, Liniger also relied on the guidance and motivation of coaches throughout his career and continues to learn.

Cultivate a mindset of generosity.

Financial expert Dave Ramsey has built a career and a successful long-running radio show helping people take control of their finances by being more intentional with their money. In addition to getting out of debt and having a plan, Ramsey also advocates becoming more generous, even if you don’t have a lot of money. “There’s a high correlation between generosity and financial success,” he says. If you’re not in a position to be financially generous, be generous with your time and knowledge; it’ll change your mindset and carry over into your finances.

Take care of yourself.

Many of us equate self-care with selfishness. We’ve become used to powering through life and don’t take the time to deal emotionally with the setbacks and situations that arise. As a result, our frustrations spill into other parts of our lives and can negatively impact our businesses and relationships. Emotional health expert Mike Foster says it’s essential to make yourself a priority. “If you love what you’re doing, take care of yourself so you can do it for a long time,” he advises.

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