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Are You a Revolutionary?

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Did you know that nearly seven in ten Americans are unhappy? It’s not hard to see why – just look around. We’re bombarded with negativity, from the 24-hour constant doom-and-gloom news cycle to the eternal pessimists in our lives. Unfortunately, this negativity has become the norm. As a result, we march closer toward mediocrity, held back by low self-esteem and pessimism. No wonder we’re unhappy.

But, there’s hope! It’s possible to reject the status quo and embrace the freedom of living the good life. Now that would be revolutionary!

Be intentional. Being intentional is the opposite of mediocrity. Mediocrity encourages you to just drift through life, floating here and there. When you’re intentional, you make choices based on what you value, with no bearing on the habits or opinions of other people.

  • Set goals. Goals give you a target to aim for and a direction to go. They give you control over your life.
  • Feed your mind a diet of positivity. Negativity is junk food for the mind – sure it fills you up, but you’ll just end up stuffed and angry. Positivity is the clean food that provides the fuel to achieve your goals.

Banish negativity. Albert Einstein said, “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” Avoid or limit your exposure to negative people, places and news. It zaps you of your energy and prevents you from being truly happy.

Make personal growth your lifestyle. What are you reading, watching and listening to? Seek out material that motivates and inspires you to grow and become an even better person each and every day.

Want to learn more about how to live a counter-culture lifestyle? Listen to episode #121 of “It’s a Good Life.” for more tips to help you live the good life. Click here to listen.

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