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Are You Capable of More?

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“Are you capable of more?” It’s a question that cuts to the core in any circle of our lives.

Are you capable of more in your business? What about your personal and family life? Are you capable of more spiritually or financially?

Most of us feel we have untapped potential. The question is: how do we tap into it?


The busyness of our lives often clouds what is truly possible. We have things to do, obligations to keep and goals to achieve. If you want to tap into your potential, you need to take a step back and focus on what fulfills you.

Fulfillment is about more than goals. It’s about meaning, purpose and satisfaction. So, take a moment and think about your vision for a truly fulfilling life.

What would it look like? How would it make you feel?

When you identify what fulfills you and align your goals with that meaning and purpose, clarity follows. Clarity allows you to see more of what is possible, and more of what you are capable of achieving.


Focusing on what fulfills you allows you to envision the life you want to lead. To live that life, you’ll need to challenge your perspective.

Perspective is the way we see the world. The way we see the world influences the way we think and act. How we think and act determines how we live.

To get different results, we need to think and act differently. To do that, we need to challenge our perspectives.

Here is a simple example of challenging your perspective. Our coaches often work with Members who struggle to call through their database. One common reason is that our Members don’t want to “bug” their relationships. “Bugging people” is one way to look at making calls.

But, when you call a loved one, are they bugged? In most cases, no. They enjoy the conversation, and so do you. So, one way to look at making calls is that they’re giving you and those in your database the opportunity to enjoy some conversation.

Same call, two different perspectives. Here’s the magic—you get to choose your perspective.


Fulfillment is about meaning, and perspective is about how you see the world. Your process is about your experience.

The classic advice on achievement is to set a goal, make a plan and take action. Follow that advice and you’ll likely achieve your goals. The problem is, you’re likely to miss the point as well.

The process is not about what you make of the pursuit, but what the pursuit makes of you. It’s the journey, not the destination, that counts.

Examine your journey. How does it make you feel? What are you learning? What would you change? What would you keep doing? When you ask those questions—in good experiences and bad—a world of opportunity opens up for you.

As you examine your process, you find you are capable of more and become excited to pursue it.


If you’re in coaching, make sure you’re getting the most out of your Membership. Coaching is about drawing out one’s potential.

Lean into your coach. Come to your coaching calls prepared. Have a focus and desired outcome for each session.

Our coaches are masterful at drawing out potential—at helping people discover what they are truly capable of to expand those capabilities.

Ask your coach to help you clarify what fulfills you, challenge your perspective and examine your process.

If you’re not in coaching, now may be the time to make that investment in yourself. Not everyone needs a coach, but everyone is better with one.

Find your untapped potential and start using it. Once you do, you’ll discover you’re capable of having a more rewarding business and personal life.

Dave McGhee

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