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Your Personal Growth Journey with Dave McGhee | Buffini Podcasts

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Your Personal Growth Journey with Dave McGhee | Buffini Podcasts

No matter what difficulties or challenges you encounter in life, you’ll always come out on top when you focus on personal growth. In a recent “It’s a Good Life” podcast, Dave McGhee, Vice President of the Buffini Coaching Institute, shared why personal growth is the key to success. Here are some of the top takeaways:  

Limiting beliefs hinder growth. 

The number one reason people don’t grow to their full potential or reach their capabilities is a lack of clarity on what they really want and why. Often, folks can’t see past their current reality; where they’re at right now affects what they believe their future opportunities are. When your perspective is limited like this, you’re engaged in either / or thinking – you can only see that something is one way or another, you can’t envision all the other possibilities. A good coach will help you to consider multiple perspectives and then choose one that will empower you.

A good coach can help you create a roadmap for success.

When you’re struggling to get clarity about what you really want, begin with the end in mind and then work back. What’s your endgame? How can you reach that goal from where you are right now? A good coach will help you to understand the purpose behind your ‘why’ and then work with you to create the roadmap you need so you can consistently check milestones along the journey and reach your ultimate destination.   

Strategic tactics are essential.

There’s no denying that checking off items on a to-do list can result in a powerful sense of accomplishment. But to really succeed and achieve your goals, you need to ask yourself if the perceived urgent tasks you’re focused on are actually helping you get to where you want to go or just keeping you busy running around in circles. For tactics to be strategic, they must be tied to your long-term vision. That’s why it’s vital to write down what you really want to accomplish and why and then pinpoint the areas you need to work on to get there. A great first step is to identify your natural gifts and abilities. Our free REALStrengths assessment will help you to uncover your full potential so you can better manage yourself and work more effectively and productively.  

Whatever the personal or professional challenges you experience, you can grow above every problem and around every difficulty when you commit to the power of personal development. To learn more, listen to the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life.”

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