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Are You “Ollin” to Win?

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Being All In is powerful. In fact, the ancient Aztecs had a word to describe the power of an earthquake or a great storm. That word: ollin (pronounced all-in).

[box]ollin (pronounced all-in) 1 the power of an earthquake or a great storm. 2 a driving force, a movement with all your heart; connotes intense and immediate action. –ORIGIN Ancient Nahuatl language[/box]

The Aztecs spoke a language called Nahuatl, and the word ollin was often used in conjunction with the Nahuatl words yollotl, which means heart and yoliztli, which means life. Ollin yoliztli meant life force. Ollin yollotl meant move with all your heart.

Ollin, then, is a driving force, a movement with all of your heart. It connotes intense and immediate action.

So, are you ollin? Are you making intense and immediate movement toward the achievement of your goals?

Ollin is the difference between people who consistently achieve and those who don’t.

If you have a driving force and take intense and immediate action, obstacles can’t stop you. If you’re ollin, failure becomes an event to learn from, not a reason to quit. If you’re ollin, success becomes a foregone conclusion, and you’re able to enjoy the journey with a knowing that you’ll succeed.

So, how can you use ollin in your business?

The key to ollin is a driving force. Do you have a driving force in your business? Do you have clear, compelling goals, or is your target fuzzy and drab?

You need to start with a compelling goal, what Kevin Buffini, the head of our Ability Management Department calls “authentic goals.” Your Coach can help you identify what those goals are and help keep them in front of you, so they become a driving force.

Next, to be ollin you need to take immediate and intense action. Let’s talk about immediate action, first. What have you been putting off that you know­—if you acted on it­—would pay great results?

Many people put off making their calls or writing their notes. There are many reasons for that. Some are good reasons, some are just excuses, but the truth is, to be ollin you need to take immediate action on your goals. I suggest that you make your calls and write your notes first thing in the morning. Make that the first thing you do when you start your business day.

And, what about intense action? Are you acting with intensity? The definition of intensity is a measurable amount of force. That measurable amount of force will mean different things to different people. If you are currently not making any calls to your database, then a measurable amount of force may be one call a day. If you’re currently making five calls a day, could you up it to seven? The key is to push yourself. Racecar driver Mario Andretti used to say, “If you don’t feel out of control, you’re not going fast enough.” Are you going fast enough? Ask your Coach to push you, even just a little, so you can act with intensity—so you can be ollin.

At Buffini & Company, we’re ollin. We have a driving force—the mission to impact and improve the lives of people. We’re intent in our action toward that mission.

We’re ollin and we want to help you be ollin, too.

If you’re currently in Coaching, commit to taking your coaching relationship to the next level. Ask your Coach to help you clarify your authentic goals. Ask your Coach to push you just a little more outside of your comfort zone.

If you’re not currently in Coaching, maybe now is the time to step up and take your business to the next level. Maybe it’s time to be ollin. Let us help you identify your driving force. Let us help you take immediate and intense action. Let us help you be All In!


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