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Are You on Track to Achieve Your Goals?

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As a self-employed real estate agent, you get to determine your income and production goals. There is no big boss or CEO that sets the finish line for you — you are in the driver’s seat all year long!

As exciting as this reality may be, it gets tricky without some accountability. By the time July rolls around, we may start to lose touch with the goals we set earlier in the year. Between appointments, family obligations and day-to-day obstacles, even the clearest goals can start to fade away.

Get back on track with a mid-year check in! Take some time in the summer to evaluate your goals and see where you’re at. Now is the time to adjust your routine and start pursuing those goals once again.

The R.E.A.D. formula can help.


First, take stock of the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Pull up the note on your phone or the page in your planner where you wrote everything down. Check in with why you set those particular goals and what motivated you to pursue them.


A lot can change in six months! Ask yourself if those goals from before match where you’re at now. It’s okay to realize that the goal you planned isn’t what you want any more. Identify your current career or life path and determine whether your goals align. If not, consider a change!


Compare where you were then to where you are now. Look at your status with that particular goal right now. If it’s an income goal, tally up your current earnings and see how they compare to the goal. Break down what needs to be done to get you to the goal. Psst…if it’s an income goal, Referral Maker® CRM can crunch the numbers for you and tell you exactly what you need to do.


Create your plan for the rest of the year. If you adjusted your goals, start working on your new plan of action. If you’ve kept your goals the same, update your old plan to match your lifestyle and schedule so that you stick to it. Don’t forget to seek out accountability through a real estate coach or mentor!

To guide you through this exercise, we’ve created this interactive worksheet that you can print and use as you conduct your own check-in. For more accountability during this process, check out Buffini & Company One2One Coaching™. Our real estate coaches will help you set and achieve goals in all areas of your life.

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