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Win the market with our Do It N.O.W. campaign. This turn-key, marketing campaign will help you find and secure listings for the changing 2024 real estate market. Avoid the chaos and serve the listing every time. Outperform the competition and build long-term business.

This month’s theme is preparation. Whether your clients are preparing their families to handle an emergency or preparing to apply for a home mortgage in a time of rising interest rates, it’s clear that good planning is crucial. The more prepared they are, the better able they’ll be to navigate the process and deal with the unexpected.

What’s in the Box?

Emergencies can strike at any time—are your clients prepared? The U.S. and Canadian Marketing Flyers offer tips to help your clients prepare to handle an emergency or natural disaster. They’ll learn to identify their risks, create an emergency plan, decide on a meeting place and gather important documents for their families. This is a character piece intended to show your clients that you care about them and their families.

What’s up with interest rates? The Federal Reserve increased them slightly in January and experts expect the Fed to increase rates again this year. While an increase in interest rates signals that the Fed is confident in the strength of the overall economy, it’s disappointing for buyers who were thinking of financing their home purchases as well as homeowners who were considering refinancing their current mortgages. The Alternate Marketing Flyer gives buyers and homeowners the scoop in mortgages, explaining the impact of increasing interest rates on financing and refinancing. This is a character piece that gives you the opportunity to discuss home financing with your clients.

New Referral Maker® Mobile App Launching April 25

Did you hear? We’ve updated the Referral Maker mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Not only did we improve the design of the app, we improved its functionality to make it more intuitive and even easier-to-use. Work on your business anywhere and anytime! Go to www.referralmaker.com on April 25 to download the new app.


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