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Before you DELETE your next client read this…

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I want to draw your attention to an epidemic affecting 96% of the real estate industry. It’s what I call the “trigger happy” agents who delete people from their database at a rapid rate. Well before you hit that magic button, let’s first discuss why you might want to keep them in your database.

When Brian Buffini introduced the concept of deleting someone who was or is a pain to work with (your D clients) it was received very well by our clients. Our free spirited agents loved the idea of being freed from the bondage of working with an ungrateful client, the competitive ones loved that they could now choose to only work with the best, our abstracts hated working with someone who didn’t understand them, the relational ones (the 96% I mentioned) loved getting rid of people they didn’t “get along with.” The concept that I don’t have to work with everybody spread throughout the land like a welcomed virus.

Well, not so fast. Not everybody should be deleted. Here’s an example…

A Buffini & Company agent recently dropped out of our One2One Coaching program after hearing his Coach had bought a house with another agent. It didn’t matter that the Coach and this other agent had a close relationship lasting twenty years and used to be colleagues. He was done! So, he rapidly deleted the relationship. This folks is short sightedness at its finest and it happens all too often in our business.

[quote]One of our longtime Buffini & Company Members, Jamie Hopkins, shares some sound advice, “Don’t Burn bridges and don’t build walls.”[/quote]

I have watched over the years as people in Jamie’s database bought a home from a different agent (a sin worthy of deletion according to our trigger happy agents), yet Jamie makes the time to call these contacts (aka sinners) to congratulate and wish them well. He even offers them referrals to other service providers and businesses in his network. What a lunatic, right? I thought so at first, but…

While some would view these people as traitors, Jaime sees an opportunity to serve his database. Because he goes the extra mile in situations where most agents would end the relationship, he has received several closed referrals from people who didn’t even end up buying a home with him. Why? Because they were so impressed with his character.

This principle of not burning bridges and not building walls is one that has paid me back at least 20-30 times over my career. Too often we agents develop some weird entitlement mindset and think anyone who crosses our path during our real estate careers must use us if they are looking to buy or sell, as if they took an oath. You have to look to yourself first and ask the following questions…

  • Have I been active and present in this person’s life?
  • Has it been sometime since I’ve had a conversation or connected with them?
  • Have I been giving off the impression I’m busy and don’t need business?
  • When was the last time I asked them for a referral?

It has been my personal experience that most of the time when someone didn’t use us we weren’t at the right place at the right time and the client used another agent who was. So before you go and press the delete button pause and consider saving the relationship instead and then reach out to them with some helpful info!

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