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Boost Your Team’s Output in 2020 (Part 3)

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Part 3: The Power of Setting Goals 

A real estate training program helps your team members set new year’s resolutions for their business while providing them with the tools and knowledge to make those goals a reality. 

You’ve probably heard it a million times — goal setting is critical for any business, team or professional trying to achieve at the highest level. And it’s true! Yet a solid goal shouldn’t only represent your final destination; it should include the roadmap showing how you’ll get there. 

To guide your team to maximum production in 2020, you’ll need to get everyone on the same page with their goals. The end of the year is when you want to start reflecting on the past year while planning for the year ahead. That’s why it is also the perfect time to introduce your agents to real estate training that prioritizes goal setting. 

An investment in your team’s goals is an investment in your brokerage’s bottom line — here’s what smart goals will accomplish for your business: 

More motivated agents.  
When agents have a picture of what they are working toward, they are more motivated to achieve it. That’s a powerful force. For example, if one of your agents sets a goal of paying off their debt by the end of the year, you know that person is going to hustle in the field to make it happen. By investing in systems that give space for this type of goal setting, you will find a more motivated team with exceptional results. 

Encourages accountability. 
Accountability is key when it comes to reaching goals. If all of the agents at your brokerage have something big they’re working toward, they will become more inspired to lean into one another to make sure they actually achieve it. They will check in with each other, share tips and tricks and show support during their journey. Why is this so important? Not only will it create a positive office culture, but it will also give agents some ownership of the collective success since everyone plays a role in each others’ victories.

Sets positive expectations. 
You’re all in this together! When goal setting becomes a part of the office culture, it’s no longer something that just your agents are expected to do. It’s something that the company as a whole supports and actively implements. Everyone is on the same page, and they accept the importance of setting goals and working to achieve them. By prioritizing goals, you’ll be holding your agents to a higher standard in a constructive way that will eventually lead to more dollars in their pockets. 

As you prepare your brokerage’s business plan in 2020, make sure you leave room for goal writing. The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials is a real estate training program from Buffini & Company that includes several modules that dive deep into how to set smart, effective goals. Consider investing in this training for your office, and get your agents fired up to achieve in the year ahead! 

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