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Creating steady income in a cyclical business

Creating steady income in a cyclical business

Leverage your energy and maximize your results with lead-gen sprints

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By its nature, the real estate market is seasonal. There are times of the year when the market is hot and other times when it slows down. Being able to weather these highs and lows is essential for real estate professionals who wish to succeed in the business.

In addition to focusing on the fundamentals of lead generation that help you connect with your clients, especially the clients who have or are likely to refer you, it’s critical to work in a way that allows you to tap into the natural rhythm of the market.

To achieve success, the pros work like athletes. In the book, “The Power of Full Engagement,” Tony Schwartz studied the way the most successful athletes and business people work and found that the people who rested performed at a higher level because they were better able to manage their energy and their time.

Working in a rest-run cycle that mirrors the natural cycle and rhythm of the real estate market allows agents to work smarter and optimize their resources—time, money and energy. By working cyclically, you can achieve more in less time and make more by working less.

Rest is on the minds of many agents at this time of year. After working hard all summer closing deals and generating leads, agents who don’t follow the rest-run cycle may be feeling burned out. However, the fall and the upcoming holiday season are the perfect times to get face-to-face with clients, especially if you haven’t worked with them this year.

When you work relationally, your leads come in the form of referrals from your clients. What better way to remind your clients to refer you than to get in touch with them by writing a note to thank them for their business or popping by their home or office to deliver a small, thoughtful gift? Your clients will be surprised and thankful and you’ll have the opportunity to remind them of the great services you offer.

This approach of intensely focusing on lead-generation, in certain key seasons, maximizes your greatest asset – YOU – and results in consistent income despite the cyclical nature of the business. Not a bad way to work!

Learn more about how to tap into your inner sprinter and lean into the seasonality of the real estate business with Buffini & Company’s Blitz, developed to help agents harness their productivity and reduce burnout. Each short, 45- to 75-day sprint is followed by a period of rest. For two decades, Buffini & Company has been helping entrepreneurs around the world improve their business, increase net profit and enhance their quality of life.

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