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Detox Your Attitude

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In life, your attitude defines your altitude. You won’t succeed if you spend your time complaining, criticizing, being negative, making excuses or worrying. You have to concentrate on the good stuff to flourish! A great way to improve your mindset is to do an attitude detox. Here’s how:

Do a mental fast

Just like a physical detox can improve your well-being, an attitude detox can strengthen your mindset. Start by reducing your exposure to the barrage of 24-hour news and social media. It’s very easy to form a dangerous habit of just mindlessly flicking through TV channels or ‘doom scrolling,’ consuming information that can have a very negative impact on your thinking. To stop this harmful cycle, make a conscious decision about what you’re going to consume and what you’re not.

Combat negative self-talk

How you talk to yourself is the key to a good mental attitude. Do you constantly trash talk and criticize yourself, even subconsciously? To become more aware of your self-talk, try this experiment: Carry a small notebook with you and, every 15 minutes or so, write down some of the dominant thoughts that come to mind. Then, take some time to examine and evaluate these. Ask yourself – are these thoughts actually true? Can you replace the negativity with positivity? As Zig Ziglar used to say, “Positive thinking won’t let you do just anything. But it will let you do everything better than negative thinking.”

Change your diet

Once you’ve eliminated the negative, you need to accentuate the positive.

Examine your intake

What are you reading? What you read is a direct reflection of who you are, what you’re worth and what the market says you’re worth!

What are you watching? Instead of negative news stories, why not watch an inspirational movie or an educational documentary? That way you’ll be encouraged and learn something new.

What are you listening to? Good podcasts are a powerful way to learn and grow. “It’s a Good Life” has tons of business and personal growth-focused episodes for you to dive into, so make sure you check them out!

Watch your associations

You become who you hang out with most. Do your relationships build you up or tear you down? Always associate with people who elevate you and help you become more.

Use affirmations

When that little voice inside your heard tears you down, work to replace the negative with positive. As author Marie Forleo says, “What we say to ourselves in the privacy of our own minds matters. It drives our behavior, which drives our destiny, which shapes our world.” When you eliminate toxins in your attitude, you’ll become the person you’re designed to be and live the good life. For more powerful tips on detoxing your attitude, tune in to the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life”.

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